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What Are The Symptoms Of Bv

Written By: ibzzA1 - May• 25•12

Bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods are one of the best ways to get rid of the infection fast. Often antibiotics and other conventional medicines used to treat this problem tend to be counter productive. In fact in almost 70% of women who resort to conventional treatment the infection recurs in weeks if not days time.

What causes BV? How can you prevent it?

Although the exact cause of this bacterial infection is yet to be identified some of the known causes are over-washing, stress, chemical contained in washing detergent and soaps, having multiple sex partners and having sex without using condoms. In some women use of IUD has also been the cause of the infection.

What are the symptoms of BV?

Some of the symptoms of BV which can at times become unpleasant include itching, burning, foul fishy vaginal odor and a grayish white discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these symptoms Thrush, BV or something else?
    Im not sure whether this is thrush or BV.
    I had strong, cloudy urine and it was sore when i had sex. I was told(by tests) i had thrush, got treated for it and was told it was gone but i still had some symptoms then got told it was bv, took antibiotics which stopped my pee smelling and pain but this came back after about 2 days of finishing the antibiotics.
    My urine does not smell all the time now but still is abit cloudy and it hurts when i have sex, my urine also always smells very strongly and cloudy after sex. i don't have any obviously white and thick discharge, its thin and clear but there seems to be alot so im not sure what i have anymore i've been tested for everything else; urine tests, stds. and they came back clear.

    • ANSWER:
      probably a yeast infection because antibiotics kills the good flora in your intestines..

    What does it mean if you have symptoms of BV/yeast infection for two days and then you suddenly.. don't?
    I had sex with a new partner and two days later, I noticed a very unusual odor down there. I guess it COULD be described as fishy. My discharge was also a bit abnormal. I looked up my symptoms and assumed I had BV.

    Anyway, the symptoms lasted for two days but yesterday and today I have had no smell at all. What's up with that? Did I have BV or something similar and it cleared up by itself that fast? Or just a ph imbalance that I shouldn't worry too much about?
    I don't know if it makes a difference, but the sex was pretty rough, lasted about four hours, and I was very sore by the end of it..

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like it was just from the sex. Sometimes I get a smell for a couple of days after having sex and then it goes away. If it comes back and you have other symptoms with it, then I'd think about seeing a doctor just to get checked.

    what are the symptoms of BV?
    And how do you treat it and prevent it??????????????? THANKS

    • ANSWER:
      Horrible smell that is super noticable after cleaning the area with soap or having sex.
      Discharge that is super gross...thin white and grey...
      Sometimes irration on the vulva..

      You treat it by going to the doctor and asking them to do a test to see if you have it...(thats probably what it is...don't worry) they only test for BV (not stds or anything..) they will either a.) give you an oral pill to take, i believe it's two...or b.) give you a gel to put inside your vagina..

      either way you get relief within a day..and you feel so much better..

      to prevent not use soap to clean your vagina..just dont..use unscented cleansers if you must but only on the OUTSIDE..if your sexually active use condoms because the sperm can sometimes screw with the pH too..wear cotton underwear & make sure your pants aren't too's often caused by not letting the area breathe..

      good luck =) and remember 24 hrs after your prescription you'll be back to normal!

    What are the symptoms of (BV)?
    Is it any different than a Yeast Infection?

    • ANSWER:
      Signs of yeast infections:
      White, cottage cheese-like discharge
      Swelling and pain around the vulva
      Intense itching

      Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
      A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
      A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
      Itching or burning
      Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

      Signs of trichomoniasis
      A watery, yellowish or greenish bubbly discharge
      An unpleasant odor
      Pain and itching when urinating
      Most apparent after your period

    symptoms of bv (bacterial vaginosis) but not sure if thats what it is?
    i had a white discharge from my vagina and a smelly odour different than normal. i thought it could have been an infection.. bacterial vaginosis so i bought some (balanc activ) treatment over the counter which was meant to be really effective and to balance out the ph levels in my vagina. i have been using it every night but it does not seem to be working and the odour seems to be worse.......!!!! i have a few more days left to treat but dont know what to do or what it could be. i also have bad bowel movements and when i dump i see spots of blood on the tissue when i wipe... dont know why :S never used to get any infections but since ive stopped being so active ive had a water infection, yeast infection and now this.... any ideas of what this could be or why the treatment is not working ??? thanks x
    hey... no its not itching which is why i thought it was bv becoz i had a yeast infection about a month ago and that was itchy like hell but i got that cleared up now i got this :@ really annoying tbh!
    the discharge isnt really thick but its not like really watery either.... its just a white discharge :L ?

    • ANSWER:

    Difference between BV and Thrush..?
    I have tried thrush creams and pills, but they haven't worked, and then i read about BV having similar symptoms to thrush.
    What are the symptoms of BV?

    • ANSWER:
      BV is in the vagina... Thrush is in the mouth... Symptoms:
      -heavy discharge
      -sometimes a bad smell

    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?
    Other than the "fishy smell" what are the symptoms of BV? I'm 25 weeks and have (and had for awhile) a very strong odor (sometimes I can smell it even after I get out of the shower!), although not necessarily fishy...but I started reading about BV and it scared me! I was supposed to go to the DR today but due to inclement weather, their office is closed and I have to for now I'm waiting and worried.

    I never thought it was abnormal because I thought during pregnancy you have more discharge, etc....I never even knew about BV until now.

    • ANSWER:
      When I had it, I had a lot of vaginal itching (I thought maybe I was allergic to my underwear or something!). My doctor diagnosed it, gave me antibiotics, and warned me that the antibiotics sometimes lead to a yeast infection. After about a week my symptoms hadn't gone away so I went back to my doctor. She told me the BV was gone and that I had a yeast infection! They felt *exactly* the same to me. Of course, everyone is different.

    BV bacterial vaginosis and afraid i have pelvic inflamitory disease? help?
    i had a dnc 2 years ago and just 4 months ago got treated for bv and put on birth control to try to start mu ovulation back up ( hadnt gotten pregnant in that time period after the dnc) i want to have children but the symptoms of bv came back my doctor gave me metronidazole again a week agao so ive been taking it twice a day for 7 days but it doesnt seem to be getting better i have thick discharge it doesnt smell like it did four months ago it never did after that so maybe the thicker discharge is because of my birth control? does birth control cause thicker more "crusty" (sory) discharge? and also what are the chances i have pelvic inflamitory disease? im terrified and dont want to call my doctor because i dont want to be a pest please help me oh and ever since ive been on this second round of metronidazole im being treated for a uti too with bactrum so im scared what are the chances i have that? and is that kind of discharge just normal with birth control? please help thank you so much

    • ANSWER:
      i had this problem about 5 years ago, i got bv and they gave me the same stuff your taking, it then turned into pelvic inflammatory disease but that was cured because it was caught quick enough. dont worry aobut being a pain its their job to help and if you leave it too long the pid will scar your tubes and make it harder to get pregnant. theyll give you a swab and maybe a scan to see if its caused any damage if you have it, and will be able to treat it from there. i found the treatment caused discharge, so if it doesnt smell then dont worry about it. definately see your doctor though, its a scary thing to go through so youll need to get more information from them and treatment, dont leave it too long. i developed polycystic ovarys shortly after, so make sure you get regular checks, as youre not ovulating this is what made them consider it with me, a scan can confirm it. good luck and dont worry, you will still get pregnant i have a daughter and trying for our 2nd baby now.

    Help! Yeast Infection or BV? Diflucan didnt work?
    Hey all ive been stuggling with this for weeks now. My vagina has been itching really bad..and I dont have any insurance. I went to a free clinic the other day and the doctor diagnosed my with a yeast infection just by looking at my discharge (white, cottage ccheesy) and she gave me a prescription for diflucan.. I took it on wednesday (3 days ago) and I havent noticed much of a changed.. She also gave me a prescription for flagyl..and she told me if the diflucan doesnt work after a week to start taking the flagyl..

    but I was researching and found that flagyl is for BV (bacterial Vaginosis) and I also read that the symptoms of BV are a fishy odor..and I dont have a fishy odor.. Im so confused as to what to do. should I buy some monistst maybe??

    please help!

    • ANSWER:
      You could use some home remedies. They'll help you get rid of the bacterial vaginosis.

      I found a blog earlier that gave tips that will help you cure the problem. I'll leave a link to the blog below.

      hope this helps...

    If it is not BV then what is it?! DESPERATE!?
    I have all the symptoms of BV, foul odor being the main one. I went to planned parenthood to get tested and they said the results were negitive! How could this be? I know I do not have an STD and a yeast infection is very unlikely... I was almost 100% sure I had BV but now I don't know? I have tried yogurt, folic acid, diet change, and even yeast infection cures... really nothing has worked. Is it possible that the tests at planned parenthood were incorrect? Thanks for any advice! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Get to a doctor. If you are sexually active, then you should be seeing an OB/GYN on a regular basis.

      They could be wrong, but if you saw an OB/GYN there and they did a culture, then probably not. Yeast infections don't have a foul odor (just a yeasty smell) and I do not know if trichomonosis has an odor or not.

      I would get a second opinion because you should have a natural odor, but if it's a fishy smell then that is usually a sign of BV or another infection.

      Good luck, sweetie!

    Strange vaginal symptoms?
    So basically I have no idea what im feeling all i know is my vagina" feels sick", I cant say its an UTI cause I have no pain on urination... let me just say the symptoms and help me figure what the heck this may be. First of I have been treated for BV but this was a month ago and I havent had any symptoms of BV since except heavy non smelly discharge but only during sex is when it becomes way too wet or moist, so you can see why this is such a huge concern for me and my partner.

    well my symptoms are:

    -Fluid retention, I urinate nomally without problems, no burning or pain and the flow is normal just a bit thicker and heavier than usual but I am not peeing little which would suggest a UTI. So basically I pee normal but then feel like my bladder is still full and I get the urge to pee again in a short amount of time.

    -I have been feeling a strange burning in my vagina, yes inside it, not really outside, also around my anus it will burn sometimes.

    -My crotch or pelvic area feels somewhat bloated.

    -My urine is mostly very dark and somewhat cloudy or very light.

    - another very bad thing is that only during sex I seem to have this discharge, its not smelly at all its just kind of a thick discharge and its not clear but whitish and makes my vagina overly moist during sex. THis is making me superrrr insecure about sex and it seems to be getting worse and not improving.

    So basically the only thing I can think may be the problem is a vaginal wash that I use.. can that be the problem? If not what kind of infection is this, its def not a UTI or yeast infection if it is an infection.

    Please help

    I sometimes feel a strange throb inside my vagina, yes inside of my vagina not outside. Also feel like a popping feeling in my groin area.

    HELP what is this??? i just overall feel like my vag is sick but I cant figure out what I have

    • ANSWER:
      Is the discharge not just normal lubrication with you getting aroused?

      You should aim to keep your urine very light - drink lots of water. You don't always get burning on urination with a UTI.

      Sometimes your crotch and pelvic area feels bloated and congested just before a period. Its normal.

      Have you been having lots of sex? That could give you the burning feeling in your vagina and also cause a UTI.

      A vagina can not be OVER moist during sex!! The more moisture the better!

      Women often feel a throb in their vagina. It feels good!

      Don't use vaginal washes. They are very bad for your vagina's health. If you are worried go and see your doctor.

    How can I tell if it's a yeast infection or BV or something else?
    Lately I haven't been feeling "normal" down there. It's only just slight burning/stinging and discomfort during sex. There hasn't been any itching if that helps and I don't notice a strong odor or clumpy discharge (both symptoms of BV and yeast).... I'm not sure what its wrong since the two infections seem so similar in terms of symptoms. I just want to take care of this and get better but I'm not sure how to handle it since I don't know what it could be.
    Also, I am PRETTY sure it's not an STD/STI....
    I'm a bit hesitant to go to my doctor since I'd prefer to keep my parents out of this.....if I go to Planned Parenthood would they be able to help diagnose what's wrong with me? even if it was a bladder infection or something?

    • ANSWER:
      As much as we like to have the "it couldn't happen to me" mentality, you really shouldn't rule out an STI. You should get tested just in case, because it's a lot better to be cautious and everything be okay than to ignore it and have bigger problems with it down the road. If the pain is only during sex, it could just be the frequency/nature of the sex. If it's not an STI, you might just need more foreplay or different sexual positions.

    Told I had chlamydia but no symptoms?
    Today I got a call and was told my tests came back and I was positive for chlamydia. I went in to get treatment for bacterial vaginosis, which I was told I had. That was 2 weeks ago. I had symptoms of bv, the fishy odor and discharge. I had no burning when I went to the bathroom or pain during sex. Is it possible the bv could have caused a false positive? The office is closed today and I won't be able to go until Monday for treatment and to ask questions. Also, my partner never complained of symptoms, so I don't know what to think. Thanks in advance for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      It's very important to remember that chlamydia can be completely asymptomatic in both men and women. You mentioned you had "symptoms of bv", so you did, in fact, have symptoms! Chlamydia infection can cause foul-smelling discharge. Many people with chlamydia don't have any burning with urination or pain with intercourse. "Bacterial vaginosis" is just a generic term referring to a bacterial infection of the vaginal area. In your case, the bacteria involved is chlamydia trachomatis. And it's entirely possible that your partner could be infected and not show any symptoms at all.

      Chlamydia is a very common STD and is easily treatable. Both you and your partner will need treatment. Prompt treatment is very important as untreated chlamydia can cause scarring of the fallopian tubes and infertility.

    can bacteral vaginosis be cured with vagisil or monistat?
    ok so everytime my boyfriend and i have sex without a condom even for a minute i end up with symptoms of bv. i know i should see a doctor but cant at the moment so im trying to figure out other cures. in the past, ive used monistat and it gets rid of the symptoms. can you use monistat too much or is all it doing is just taking away symptoms?? what are some other natural treatments?

    • ANSWER:
      Vagisil and monistat are treatment for yeast infections, which, as I'm sure you know, is different from BV. BV is caused by a distruption in the normal bacteria that is found in your body. Although you can really only get treatment from your Dr., you might try eating some yogurt. There is some research that suggest the bacteria found in yogurt can help restore vaginal bacteria to normal.

    Could a woman not have her peroid?
    Is it possible to not have a period, just a yellowish-y discharge? I've been to the doc, and he says it's not anykind of infection; he's tested me 4 or 5 times. What is it? Could it be BV? What are the symptoms of BV? It also smells like vinegar.
    Would BV show up on a test?

    • ANSWER:
      go to

      Type in your symptoms and it will tell you!

    Girls Only: What do bumps around the genitals signify?
    not exactly on the vagina, but outside, around the bum, inner thigh around crotch, etc...I have a few, wondering if they could be a symptom of BV or...

    • ANSWER:
      more than likely bv. a friend of mine had it and shes taking something for it.go get screened at a clinic.

    What do you think i should do?
    today i went to the clinic for what i thought was a bacterial infection. And sure enough she said she saw bacteria and yeast? which she didnt say whether i had a yeast infection but just that she saw some. Anyway i havent had any of the symptoms for a yeast infection but i have all the symptoms for bv(bacterial vaginoisis) and she prescribed me antibiotics for that and said to use monistat and antibiotics for 7 days. Now since im not having the cottage cheese like discharge which is supposed to be a clear sign of YI. The BV symptoms include: Mild itchy burning feeling and fishy ordor ONLY after unprotected sex.Which by the way im married so i can do that. But do you think its safe to first take antibiotics and then if other symptoms occur like YI take monistat. Im asking because do to not having insurance i was forced to go down to my county health dept. I just feel that they are a little less equipped and knowlegable as regular doctors offices. just want advice, input,what would you do?

    • ANSWER:
      the metrogel they give you to cure it is awful! it literally burns off the lining of your vagina in order to restore it! and the WORST thing is that you are more likely to get BV again!!!! and yeast infections are another crappy side effect as well as possibly miscarriage if you are pregnant (which i was but thank god i didnt miscarry). the best way to go is natural! and its more likely to rid you of BV for good! check out the link below. it helped me im sure it will help you.

    Spotting after douching? Anyone here with a medical history!?
    So me and my bf have been having unprotected sex lately but each time he didn't ejaculate inside me. I am also taking birth control. Lately I have been feeling like I have BV but I have not actually been to the doctor for it. I have been reading a lot about women douching with peroxide and water. We had sex yesterday and that night I douched with peroxide and water, then tonight around dinner time I started spotting. I am really scared because I really don't want to get pregnant. I know I cand get pregnant that fast from us having sex the same night I douched but like I said we have been having unprotected sex sort of a lot lately. Could the spotting be from the douching, could I be pregnant, or a side effect from the birth control. I am probably over reacting here but I'm really worried. I don't remember ever having spotting from the birth control, and I just can't ignore this sign. What could be going on?

    Also it would really help if you said something other than just " you shouldn't douche" I know I shouldn't but like I said I was looking for something to get rid of my BV symptoms
    Oh if it helps any I am a 20 year old female and I just started my birthcontrol pills again, after stopping for a while due to some personal things...I am only on my second week of pills. Dosent birthcontrol pills take a while to build up in your system???

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, first, there are a lot of reasons you could be spotting, and a lot of things you should stop doing.

      1. Don't douche. Really. Unless in some rare occurrence a doctor advises you to, and specifically instructs you on how, don't ever douche. Vaginas are self-cleaning, and can often sort of out minor imbalances/infections without much help. Douching removes all natural flora of the vagina and disrupts the proper healthy pH balance. You may have made whatever was initially a minor issue worse, so, yes the spotting could have been caused by vaginal irritation from douching.

      2. Birth Control pills, as a general rule, take between 1 to 3 months/cycles of pills on average to fully regulate with your body. Spotting is a side effect of hormonal birth control, so having spotting would be completely normal if you just started taking birth control. Spotting also occurs when you take BC irregularly, so if you haven't been taking pills on time everyday, that's another possible cause of spotting. If you are relying on BC pills to prevent pregnancy, you NEED to take them regularly, which brings me to another point...

      3. If you've only been taking birth control pills for a few weeks, and irregularly at that, you are NOT protected, and have a significant pregnancy risk. It doesn't matter if you were on them before, if you stop, you need to wait the full cycle for the hormones to regulate before you assume they've kicked in. If you do not want to pregnant, getting a pregnancy test, or Plan B would probably be a good idea. If you've been having unprotected sex consistently for some length of time now, it is possible you are pregnant.

    Yeast Infection or Injury? Please Help?
    Around 3 months ago I had an infection so i went to the doctor and she said it was BV infection and she prescribed me medicine. When the antibiotics were gone it went away. My fiance and I had sex and he made a slight rip in me that lasted for a few days and was pretty painful. The pain went away, and now 2 weeks later the BV symptoms are coming back now... I'm not sure if its injury or an infection, because I have been on penicillin antibiotic for m bronchitis for almost 2 weeks now and I read that they can cause yeast infection. What can i do to get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Penicillin can kill the good bacteria in your vagina and that can let the yeast overgrow and cause a yeast infection. I really doubt it would be from the injury. I have never had bv but I have had a yeast infection so I'm not quite sure how similar the symptoms are. I know sometimes men can unknowingly pick up a y.i. from you and give it back to you (they can have no sympt.) I would see if the same is possible for bv. If you can't make it to the dr right away the drug store sells test strip things that tell you if you have a yeast in. or something else, if it is monistat worked well for me, although I've never used the test strip things (you'll find them with the monistat)

    Any one here with a medical background? spotting after douching?
    So me and my bf have been having unprotected sex lately but each time he didn't ejaculate inside me. I am also taking birth control. Lately I have been feeling like I have BV but I have not actually been to the doctor for it. I have been reading a lot about women douching with peroxide and water. We had sex yesterday and that night I douched with peroxide and water, then tonight around dinner time I started spotting. I am really scared because I really don't want to get pregnant. I know I cand get pregnant that fast from us having sex the same night I douched but like I said we have been having unprotected sex sort of a lot lately. Could the spotting be from the douching, could I be pregnant, or a side effect from the birth control. I am probably over reacting here but I'm really worried. I don't remember ever having spotting from the birth control, and I just can't ignore this sign. What could be going on?

    Also it would really help if you said something other than just " you shouldn't douche" I know I shouldn't but like I said I was looking for something to get rid of my BV symptoms

    • ANSWER:

    Why do I have bacterial vaginosis again?
    i had bacterial vaginosis once over 9 months ago when i was with a diff sexual partner. at the time i was with a couple of diff partners . 3 to be exact within a period of 6 months. so it was on surprise I got it. However i took medications and saw a dr. and it cleared up. over 5 months passed where i was compeltely sex free and i has no partners. I recently got into a seriously relation about 5 months ago. my partner was a virgin and i was his first. we became sexually active about 3 months ago. I just recently, these past few days, started getting BV symptoms again. WHYYYY?

    usually id expect it. especially if it were that i was with someone who i knew had been with other partners, and esp if i had JUST changed partners. but i have already been with him sexually for a good amount of time, and i am his only sexual partner, so why do i have BV now? i dont douche of course, and no he doesnt no ejaculate inside of me, so what gives? we're not doing anything diff than before so why now?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi RFP

      There are numerous causes for bv , sure the reasons you have mentioned are major factors but anything that can cause an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina could result in bv.
      Over the past two years I suffered with reoccuring bv and came across a site on the web that had lots of information that may be able to help, it was

      hope this helps

    Vaginal numbness....I need HELP!?
    In may I had a terrible strep throat infection. I was treated with antibiotics which gave me yeast infection. I did home remedies, monistat, then went to the planned parenthoodb to get hiv, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphillis tests. A got a pap also where everything was negative. I was prescribed diflucan and flagyl because i had some BV symptoms as well. Since then I have kept getting recurring infections and finally the symptoms have subsided. No irritation, itching, or foul odor. However, when I have sex I notice to feel next to nothing. NO PLEASURE AT ALL. I just feel the pressure of something inside. Even my clitoris is less sensitive. It used to be extremely sensitive. What does that mean? Was I misdagnosed or do I need time to go back to normal. I've had yeast infections before and once cured i return to normal. I'm scared, sad, and worried! Please please help!

    • ANSWER:

    Sorry for too much info. Thick white vaginal discharge and fishy odor?
    I just got tested for all STD's since the last person I was with sexually. I only notice the smell when I take my underwear off to use the washroom. The discharge is abnormal, thick, white and creamy.. not like cottage cheese. I have been reading about it and BV symptoms commonly involve thinner discharge. I just want to know what it is. I don't particularly want to tell the doctor about it.. but if it comes down to it, I will.
    Also, anyone know how to get rid of the fishy smell (and probably taste) fast??!! ;)

    Thanks a lot!!
    Evan W.. guess what? go fuuck yourself :)
    thanks to the people with serious answers

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like bacterial vaginosis. The discharge can vary depending on where you are at in your cycle. The fishy odor is the classic symptom. The only way to get rid of it is an antibiotic from your doctor.

    Two periods in a month, followed by spotting: possibility of pregnancy, concern...?
    My periods have become very irregular. It used to come at nearly early 27/28 days. In May I took a Plan B pill and it came a few days earlier than projected, then nearly 2 wks later it came again. In June I had my period roughly 27 days after the start of my period the second time.

    In July I was 33 days late. This month of August is came 27 days after the start date in July on August 17. Shortly during and slightly after my period I noticed symptoms of BV. I was prescribed pills for that. Since my period ended I had been spotting and more recently the brown spotting has increased.

    Today I feel like I've started my period all over again. Has this happened to anyone, what could possibly be the cause?

    Yes, I have had intercourse with my boyfriend and I have been on the patch completly since June.

    • ANSWER:
      The possibility of being pregnant is very low. If you were there would be HIGH concerns with still getting your period. If you have switched birth controls, added stress, or even hanging out with other women can change your pattern. This is something I would be contacting my doctor about. For me personally I have been regularly 28 days. If anything changed I would think something was up.

      Tell your doctor everything you wrote in this question. When you took the plan B pill and then the dates of when your periods came. She/he might have a better idea of exactly what's going on. I wish you luck and don't worry about pregnancy I really doubt thats the problem

    BV question?
    Long story short....

    Over the last 3 months, I've had 2 BV infections, a yeast infection, and a UTI. I took one dose of Diflucan for the yeast infection on Tuesday and began a 3 day treatment for the UTI on Wednesday. Today, I took a second dose of Diflucan. Up until the last few months, I'd never had any of these and the only thing I can think of that could have started all this was that my boyfriend and I stopped using condoms (I'm on the pill though). With that being said, he has not been treated for anything. If he was infected from the BV what symptoms would he have? If he has no symptoms, does that mean he's not infected?

    Any info would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      BV can be very tricky to get rid of and unprotected sex can actually lead to reoccurring infections. Males can have signs of BV or yeast, but, in most cases there aren't any signs. It would be best if in the time being that until your case is under control that you stop having intercourse until you are healed. It is important that he be treated as well for those infections, especially if your BV keeps returning. Ask your GYN to test for beta strep and STD's (not saying you have one, but can be a factor for reoccurring infections) Many males don't even show sign's of STD's as well, but can still be infected.

      Also, wash your undies with dye free detergent, and iron them after they come out of the dryer (I know it sounds silly but, the dryer only kills so much bacteria). Cotton underwear is best. Obtain from wearing thongs- they also can lead to infection. Make sure you are also using non anti-bacterial soaps because antibacterial soaps also kill your good bacteria that is needed down there; soaps like Dove are best because they are dye free and not anti-bacterial. Finally eat lots and lots of Activia yogurt... Yogurt is your best friend at times like these because it replenishes your body with the good bacteria your body is most likely lacking.

      I know it is so frustrating and I have been where you are... I was going to a Dr. for months over the matter of BV and I was tested for everything and came up with having beta strep as well. I took all those steps I listed for you, and it definitely does help... I haven't had a problem with BV since!

      Good Luck and I hope you feel better hun!

    BV, Pap smear?
    Ok here is the thing......I had a fishy oder 3 months ago for 2 days and it went away so I did nothing about it.......The last month I have had a brown/grayish discharge on and off but a total of 25 days, not sure if I have BV , I had my annual pap on Aug 28 is BV something they would have found?? Do my current symptoms sound like BV?? I go back to the DR on Thursday......I had some itching in Aug and some burning also this month......What do you think? Husband and I are TTC and I dont want to have any issue when I get Preggo.

    • ANSWER:
      When I went for mine I told my doctor my symptoms. They did a test and I had BV. They only check you for it if you ask them to. They will tell you within 3 days. Mine came back within 2 days. You should call your doctor and ask him/her if they can check you for BV also! They don't usually check for things like this. Call your doctor and ask them if you can get checked out for BV. It does sound like the same symptoms but I had no burning.

    ok a little lost, ive got some infection but doctors have not rung me to say - help please please...?
    i am 15 and have had sex before - about a weeka bit ago i went to the health clinic to get cheekd up because i had symptoms of BV. so the nurse did tests on me STD's, STI and a STI cheek - she said the walls of my vagina looked alittle imflammed? a little pinker than they should be. but she said she wasnt very extremed about it. it didnt look that bad

    ive stil got the signs of BV and the clinic hasnt rung me back to give me any results. im back at school now and ive got a nurse there as well - i could go to her but ive already been to her. what should i do? im scared this could lead to PID (pelvic inflammation deaise) so i wont be able to have children when i get older.

    ive got every symptom of BV, even the nurse said my symptoms were a classic example ov BV. what should i do?


    • ANSWER:
      Call your doctor and ask about the results and about getting a prescription for the BV.

    Why is my vagina so dry now all of a sudden?
    Sorry if this is tmi but I just REALLY wanna know what's going on with my vagina. I will start off by saying that I have BV....well I DID have it. I started taking antibiotics for it over a week ago and instantly and I mean instantly. Just a few hours after taking the first pill my symptoms of BV went away. I took two doses each day for a week I took my last pill on Monday of this week. Well I haven't had any recurring symptoms it feels perfectly fine down there now. Its when I have sex that's the problem. I don't get as I use to when I had BV. Even before I had BV I would get really really wet. Now...I barely have any kind of lubrication. I don't know if its a side effect of the anitbiotics or what, but I figure it can't be that because the last pill I took was 4 days ago, the medidcine would be out of my system now.

    I have been having this slight discharge though its kind of clear and jelloy like. It doesn't smell at all and I am thinking its maybe my vagina is trying to recover and get everything back up and running normally? I haven't had any itching redness or any kind of irritation. Just that dryness whenever I have sex. Does anyone know what might be going on? If you do please let me know! Thanks! :)
    @DR: It's not a yeast infection. I haven't had any itching, redness or any kind of strange looking discharge.

    • ANSWER:

    Strange sensation in Vagina, not infection.. cant figure?
    I have just been treated for BV about a month ago. I have no more symptoms of BV, no more odor except I have noticed during intercourse my vagina is very moist and seems to have too much discharge in the begining and then lessens as we have sex. This is a big issue cause I feel like its too wet during sex.. another thing is ive been feeling burning inside my vagina, not outside but its like an inside slight burning... very strange. My anus burns slighly aswell, and at times I feel a strange throb in my vagina and anus. I also feel like I have been retaining some urine, or feeling like I have to urinate even after I empty my bladder.
    So basically I have these strange symptoms and i have no idea if its the BV coming back or what... please help people! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      What would make you think it's not an infection. Sounds like an infection of some kind to me. Maybe a yeast infection or a UTI.

    I dont know what to do? HELP!!!!!?
    I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I just got a phone call from my midwife saying I got a bv infection. She asked for a near by pharmacy to send me antibiotics. I looked up more information on bv and the symptoms but I have none of the symptoms of bv except maybe discharge. I read that if I take antibiotics it is most likely that i will get it again! I want this to go away because its known to affect the baby and its not something I want! Can someone please help me on trying to figure out what can i do to get rid of this besides antibiotics if its better so it wont come back. Could it be something else? ANY INFORMATION WILL HELP!!!!!!
    they did take blood samples from me but that is the only person i am seeing right now is my midwife....

    • ANSWER:
      never take anything if it says not to take if pregnant, ask a doctor about it there trained in alot more then a midwife is... with medicines

    Has anyone had bacterial vaginosis while pregnant?
    I am 17 weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed with BV when I was about 11 weeks pregnant. I took the antibiotics my OBGYN gave me and assumed that was that. I am reading online that 1/3 of all women who get BV during pregnancy get it back again and I am freaking out that I have it again. The first time I went in because I was nervous that I was having too much discharge. It was all clear and white, which the doctor said was normal for pregnancy. She swabbed me for BV to be safe and it was positive. I did not notice the symptoms of BV that I read about like a fishy odor or burning or itching. Maybe it was because it was caught so quickly? Anyway, I am noticing a lot of discharge again that seems to fit the description of normal leukorrhea again. Being as paranoid as I am, I am always afraid it will come back from what I have read. Can anyone tell me if they had it during pregnancy and if it came back?

    • ANSWER:
      earlier this month i was diagnosed with BV, i didnt know i was pregnant at the time, i just found out, and i took the antibiotics as told, and it hasnt come back since.

    Thick White and Clear Discharge? NO smell, NO itching?
    i had my yearly pap done in early dec. a couple weeks before that i had a yeast infection bc i was put on antibiotics for strep throat and i ALWAYS get a yeast infection with antibiotics. so i got a monistat and it cleared up. i caught the yeast infection just as it started itching and it cleared up really fast. i went in to have my pap, and i had just started my period that week. a few days later the dr called and said that i had bacterial vaginosis and gave me the microgel, bc if i took the pill i would get another yeast infection. i know FOR SURE that i had a yeast infection when i took the monistat. i have used all but two of the vaginal inserts to cure the BV. i had no symptoms with BV so i didnt even no that i had it. NO weird discharge, NO smell or ANYTHING. but yesterday i wiped and there was this jelly like discharge with some white in it and there was little specks of blood in it. like tiny tiny blood clots. that worried me bc ive never had a discharge like that before. my fiance and i always have unprotected sex bc we want kids. BV is NOT an std, its just a vaginal imbalance. i should start my period soon, but i was wondering if this could be implantation bleeding or just a side effect to the meds. its not listed as a POSSIBLE side effect though. i looked this discharge up online bc i thought it might just be my vagina cleaning itself from the BV, but it keeps popping up as leukorrhea, the discharge in early pregnancy. i want a baby, but im not sure that this is what it really is. i have mild cramps. im exreamly tired.but my boobs really arent sore. nothing unusual n e way. i have 38dds so theyre pretty much alwys sore tmi sorry. and im peeing a lot. but i know its not a UTI bc i always drink water and my pee is always clear. I wouldnt think its a yeast infection bc its not the same texture and i dont itch and it has no smell. so any insight will be helpful! thanks !
    i understand why you would think its the gel just leaking out. but i put a mini pad on at nite bc it DOES leak out. but the gel is not like what is leaking out. what comes out is not runny like the gel i put in. sometimes its almost like little squishy balls. i wish i could describe it better. bla
    i know lots of women spot. but its not even enough blood to call it spotting. and i had the pap long over a month ago, so its not irritation from my pap smear.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are inserting treatments for BV into your vagina, then I think this discharge was probably just some of the treatment. The blood specks are really not something to worry about either - lots of women get spotting occasionally, or the PAP smear might have irritated your cervix a bit.

      Wait until your next period should arrive and take a pregnancy test then.

    What 2 do about bacterial vaginosis?
    Hi im 10 weeks pregnant and I was diagnosed with bv at about 8 doc at the time perscribed me antibiotics,but I recently changed docs and the new 1 does not want me 2 take the medicine until 12 weeks but my 1st. Doc wanted me 2 take it right away because he said it could cause miscarriage if u dont taje the meds.the new doc says she disagrees and that bv usually go away on its own and is not harmful 2 the baby.I'm confused and want to do the right thing.i have no symptoms of bv and only had 1 sex partner in my life and I wonder how I got it.if anyone else has had an experience with this can u please share or give me advice please.i feel like its a loose loose because if I dont take it there is a chance if miscarriage and if I do theres a chance of hurting the

    • ANSWER:
      some doctors has different opinions in some cases , bacterial vaginosis is there because you are pregnant and it means you have low immune system to combat the bacteria due to hormonal deficient during the stage . it is advisable that you have to increase you body resistance by taking foods which are nutritious . cleaning the areas in appropriate way. proper hygiene after the sex . or not to do it for the meantime avoid any extra irritations to the area . you have to know also the sexual practice of your husband is also one reason of contacting the organism . taking the antibiotics so to avoid miscarriage is one advice of a doctor . so do it but you have an option to get another obstetrician for a safe and sound mind .

    37 weeks pregnant mucous plug and bacterial vaginosis......?
    I went for my 37 week check up today. Late last night I had a huge clump of gel snot like disharge that was clear and yellowish with a streak of blood in it. The doctor checked me and said that my bacterial vaginosis was back again (which I had once earlier in the pregnancy) He just did a visual to diagnose this no swab or anything. He said the discharge with the blood in it was probably from the BV so I need not worry about labor coming in the next few days. I'm not an idiot and I know what discharge from a infection looks like. Im convinced that I lost more of my plug with bloody show in it last night. Am I wrong? I have had no symptoms of BV like I had previously when I had it.

    • ANSWER:
      Go back to the doctor. I've never known BV to have a bloody discharge.

    How long does diflican take to work?
    ok ive had diflican before. well this morning i went to the ER for what they think is a yeast infection. It wasnt alot of people in the ER this morning. So the ER doctor came in and wanted to see if it was. He didnt take any tests to make sure it really is a yeast infection. Ive had BV before and a yeast infection has somewhat of the same symptoms as BV. So he sent me on my way. i went to get a diflican (immatation from CVS) and i took it right away. It seemed to be working but im still itching? i dont know understand. WHen i took this before, all my itching ceased. But it seems as tho this diflican isnt working. The doctor didnt do what he was suposed to do in opinion. So how long should it take? And also, if you dont have insurance, do they give you useless service also??

    • ANSWER:

    Is it harder to treat bacterial vaginosis the longer it is left untreated?
    after learning what the symptoms of BV are i think that i've had it for almost 5 years. i didn't start seeking treatment until january. i was first given metronidazole which i had a horrible allergic reaction to. and a few weeks ago i was given clindamycin which gave me no results at all.

    this is very frustrating and i'm wondering if it won't go away because i've had it for so long. and if that's not the reason, what could it be? i've seen three doctors so far, and my mom says i probably won't be able to see the ob/gyn for another month. what am i supposed to do until then!?

    i do have a boyfriend but i've never been sexually active with him or anyone else.

    please help me! even if you don't have the answers to any of my questions, just give any information you have (good or bad).

    • ANSWER:
      they just need to find the right treatment to clear it.make sure you stay away from scented soaps.try to get as much air to it as you can.i had it for about three years b 4 i clear nw.i know its will be o.k. good luck.

    girl question, doctors are welcome to help!?
    i few weeks ago i noticed a fishy smell down there. i am 17 and was freaked out other people could smell it so i went home from school. i took a shower which seemed to help. the next day i stayed home and also noticed if i wiped the smell would come back again.

    now, about a month later, i still have a smell down there. it isnt fishy but it smells sort of musty and just more assy! i dont know if this is normal...

    backround: i have been swetting a lot but the doctor said im sweating from my underarms a lot is from my harmones just from growing up. 17 and very petite and thought my harmones changed already becuase i have had my period for over 2 years.

    anyway, can the down there smell just be from harmones??? i looked it up and my symptoms fit BV but what if it is just from harmones?

    also, im afriad i might have to see a GYNO. can someone tell me about the experience at one. i hate pain...

    help please!

    • ANSWER:

    What does this mean 2?
    I thought I had a BAD yeast infection for a week now. So, I had my grandmother and father take me to the dr. I'm a 19 year old female. Anyways, he gave me my FIRST pelvic exam and diagnosed me with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). I was using a cream before and he had to go past the cream and get a culture from there. It hurt REALLY bad and now, I'm having a yellow discharge. He put me on 2 meds. I bought myself some cleansing wipes, monistat itching powder, and vaseline to put there. It's helped, but what about this discharge? I didn't have it before, though it's a symptom of BV. Also, why would this hurt so bad? I'm still a virgin, not sexually active. I don't know if he broke my hymen or not, but everyone in the hospital heard me scream 'cause it hurt me so bad. I have to go for a FULL pelvic exam after I'm done with these meds. But, why did it hurt so bad? Why am I having this discharge AFTER he did this to me? Did he stir up the infection or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Very good question.
      The bacteria that is growing down there makes it more sensitive. When he took a culture, he probably had to scrape the tissue on the inside, and because it had the infection it was probably all inflamed. It normally shouldn't hurt that bad though.
      The yellow discharge isn't anything to worry about. That will stop after a little while.

    What does this mean3?
    I thought I had a BAD yeast infection for a week now. So, I had my grandmother and father take me to the dr. I'm a 19 year old female. Anyways, he gave me my FIRST pelvic exam and diagnosed me with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). I was using a cream before and he had to go past the cream and get a culture from there. It hurt REALLY bad and now, I'm having a yellow discharge. He put me on 2 meds. I bought myself some cleansing wipes, monistat itching powder, and vaseline to put there. It's helped, but what about this discharge? I didn't have it before, though it's a symptom of BV. Also, why would this hurt so bad? I'm still a virgin, not sexually active. I don't know if he broke my hymen or not, but everyone in the hospital heard me scream 'cause it hurt me so bad. I have to go for a FULL pelvic exam after I'm done with these meds. But, why did it hurt so bad? Why am I having this discharge AFTER he did this to me? Did he stir up the infection or something?

    • ANSWER:
      The discharge is from the BV. You have whats called a dual infection. The yeast and BV. Itrs common, especially in the warm months. It hurt so bad because your cervix and vaginal walls are extremely tender from the infection not to mention that a pelvic exam is never a walk in the park, infection or not. You probably didnt notice the discharge before because of the yeast med that you were using. Just make sure that you finish the meds and you will be just fine.

    Why does my BV keep coming back? Does all cases of BV need to be treated or onlly if symptoms occur?
    I was diagnosed with BV otherwise known as bacterial vagosis. I took medication for 7 days as prescribed and I'm back for my annual exam and turns out there was a detection of discharge and bacteria based on the pap smear. The doctor is going to send it out for tests and let me know what happens next. I only have one partner and the time and he only has me for his partner as well.

    • ANSWER:
      BV is the name of a condition in women where the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is disrupted and replaced by an overgrowth of certain bacteria. It is sometimes accompanied by discharge, odor, pain, itching, or burning.

      Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. In the United States, BV is common in pregnant women.

      The cause of BV is not fully understood. BV is associated with an imbalance in the bacteria that are normally found in a woman's vagina. The vagina normally contains mostly "good" bacteria, and fewer "harmful" bacteria. BV develops when there is an increase in harmful bacteria.

      Not much is known about how women get BV. There are many unanswered questions about the role that harmful bacteria play in causing BV. Any woman can get BV. However, some activities or behaviors can upset the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina and put women at increased risk including:
      Having a new sex partner or multiple sex partners,
      It is not clear what role sexual activity plays in the development of BV. Women do not get BV from toilet seats, bedding, swimming pools, or from touching objects around them. Women who have never had sexual intercourse may also be affected.

      Women with BV may have an abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. Some women report a strong fish-like odor, especially after intercourse. Discharge, if present, is usually white or gray; it can be thin. Women with BV may also have burning during urination or itching around the outside of the vagina, or both. However, most women with BV report no signs or symptoms at all.

      In most cases, BV causes no complications. But there are some serious risks from BV including:

      Having BV can increase a woman's susceptibility to HIV infection if she is exposed to the HIV virus.

      Having BV increases the chances that an HIV-infected woman can pass HIV to her sex partner.

      Having BV has been associated with an increase in the development of an infection following surgical procedures such as a hysterectomy or an abortion.

      Having BV while pregnant may put a woman at increased risk for some complications of pregnancy, such as preterm delivery.

      BV can increase a woman's susceptibility to other STDs, such as herpes simplex virus (HSV), chlamydia and gonorrhea.

      Pregnant women with BV more often have babies who are born premature or with low birth weight (low birth weight is less than 5.5 pounds).

      The bacteria that cause BV can sometimes infect the uterus (womb) and fallopian tubes (tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus). This type of infection is called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can cause infertility or damage the fallopian tubes enough to increase the future risk of ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition in which a fertilized egg grows outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube which can rupture.

      A health care provider must examine the vagina for signs of BV and perform laboratory tests on a sample of vaginal fluid to look for bacteria associated with BV.

      Although BV will sometimes clear up without treatment, all women with symptoms of BV should be treated to avoid complications. Male partners generally do not need to be treated. However, BV may spread between female sex partners.

      Treatment is especially important for pregnant women. All pregnant women who have ever had a premature delivery or low birth weight baby should be considered for a BV examination, regardless of symptoms, and should be treated if they have BV. All pregnant women who have symptoms of BV should be checked and treated.

      Some physicians recommend that all women undergoing a hysterectomy or abortion be treated for BV prior to the procedure, regardless of symptoms, to reduce their risk of developing an infection.

      BV is treatable with antibiotics prescribed by a health care provider. Two different antibiotics are recommended as treatment for BV: metronidazole or clindamycin. Either can be used with non-pregnant or pregnant women, but the recommended dosages differ. Women with BV who are HIV-positive should receive the same treatment as those who are HIV-negative.

      BV can recur after treatment.

      BV is not completely understood by scientists, and the best ways to prevent it are unknown. However, it is known that BV is associated with having a new sex partner or having multiple sex partners.

      The following basic prevention steps can help reduce the risk of upsetting the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina and developing BV:

      Be abstinent.

      Limit the number of sex partners.

      Do not douche.

      Use all of the medicine prescribed for treatment of BV, even if the signs and symptoms go away.

    Consistent vaginal problems?
    I'm basically at the end of my wits with this problem. I have suffered with inflammation around and inside my vagina for the past 4 years. Sometimes I feel like if I sit in one position for long enough I begin to overheat. I have a yellow/green jelly discharge all the time which I know is a symptom of BV. It hurts to have sexual intercourse most of the time. Also sometimes I suffer with lower abdominal/pelvic pain but not all the time even when i'm not on my period. I've had the same partner for 4 years and go for a regular sexual health check up each year in hope something in my test results would show up. Nothing ever shows up no STI's, no thrush or bv but there is clearly something wrong with me because even the doctor who did my last one two weeks ago was convinced I had BV or Thrush as I was very inflammed and gave me medication to treat both, yet my results came back today clear. I've had this problem for the last 3 years and i don't know what to do anymore or what it could be! It really is getting me down and i'm only 20, I don't want to have this problem for the rest of my life.

    • ANSWER:

    What are the differences in the symptoms of thrush/yeast infection and BV?

    Look closely. I said SYMPTOMS.

    • ANSWER:
      BV honks. Usually like fish (which is where they fish put downs come from - bv is so common and some girls have had it so long they think it's normal). But I've had bv and it smelt like onions :( Also the discharge can be yellow or greenish, and if it's really bad the discharge is foamy. The discharge can irritate the skin.

      Thrush can be a thick white discharge but it can also be heavy and milky. It sometimes itches. It smells but not too strong, and not really bad. More like a yeast/bread smell.

    Vaginal infection does not respond to treatment?
    At first, I was diagnosed and treated for a yeast infection. It cleared up but came back in a couple of months. Then, bacterial vaginosis, also treated and cleared up. A month ago, symptoms started again, and I was diagnosed and treated for BV - but the symptoms did not even lessen (I took Metronidazole orally). Now, I still have whatever it is, and it does not respond to Monistat either. What to do? Tested for STD's, btw, all clean.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree that you should have blood work done by your physician to check your blood sugar. I suffer from BV regularly because my husband is not circumsized and I'm prone to infection. He cleans well, but the bacteria that gets trapped under the foreskin transfers to me during sex and then I get BV. It's a real pain. I tried Metronidazole orally too, but the vaginal gel applications are way better. Just make sure to use it the full five days, at night, and NO SEX when you're on it. Definitely call your dr.

    What are some symptoms that you have experienced from BV and yeast infections?
    I have a yeast infection and was currently prescribed diflucan. I had to take 1 100mg diflucan pill each day for 3 days. I'm not sure if it is gone or not as i'm on my period. My itching has subsided a bit but obviously i won't be able to tell with the discharge until it goes off. Also, my discharge had odor and was light yellowish which i read yeast is usually odorless and white-cottage cheese like. I also had swelling and it swells off and on. I'm experiencing dryness down there too. Could the doctor have misdiagnosed? I read BV has an odor. I would like people who have personally had either of these to respond ONLY and tell me what your symptoms were.

    • ANSWER:

    Symptoms of different female issues? HSV, BV, or Yeast infection?
    I have HSV and I get cold sores around my mouth occasionally during times of stress,etc. Just recently, I had two simultaneous outbreaks. I am afraid I might have transferred it to my genital region, although I am meticulous about washing my hands in hot soapy water and not touching any sores. I have occasional itching, with some raised red bumps. When I get a cold sore I notice itching and tingling followed by clear fluid filled blisters. These blisters then burst and then soon crust over with a yellow/green crust until they heal. I have not noticed these stages with the bumps in my genital region. I noticed the first bump near my vaginal opening, and it was somewhat painful and looked like a lesion; however, I never noticed stages(I kept watching it). Now, I have itching in a certain area just inside my labia, with red raised bumps. They are so small that I cannot tell if they are fluid filled or not. It itches, but no pain is present. The past few days I have noticed a change in my vaginal discharge. I have noticed somewhat of an odor, and the discharge appears to be much thicker and whiter (yellowish sometimes), and there seems to be more of it. I have NOT noticed pain inside my vaginal canal. I have had a yeast infection before, in which case I had itching and rawness all over my vulva and inside my vagina (these symptoms are not the same). I have had the same partner for 3 years. We do not have intercourse, and he does not have HSV to his knowledge (i.e., no breakouts). What could be the culprit of these symptoms? Does genital herpes cause this type of discharge?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be an infection or just a normal discharge. I recommend vesiting the site in the source for more info.

    BV? Please help:( (already been to the doc)?
    Hi there,
    I felt some little bumps in the inside of my vagina about a week ago..a couple days later I started getting discharge with a very fishy odor(white-ish) all my symptoms add up to BV except for the little bumps..? I ve already been to the doctor she said she saw nothing abnormal and did tests she said she would call if anything was WRONG. she hasnt called in like 2 weeks.. My boyfriends starting to wonder why I keep holding back from sexal things, I don't know what to tell him I dont even know what it is!!! Has anyone had these symptoms???

    • ANSWER:

    BV? Please help.. :( . (Already been to the doc)?
    Hi there,
    I felt some little bumps in the inside of my vagina about a week ago..a couple days later I started getting discharge with a very fishy odor(white-ish) all my symptoms add up to BV except for the little bumps..? I ve already been to the doctor she said she saw nothing abnormal and did tests she said she would call if anything was WRONG. she hasnt called in like 2 weeks.. My boyfriends starting to wonder why I keep holding back from sexal things, I don't know what to tell him I dont even know what it is!!! Has anyone had these symptoms???

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of the time when you have a lot of discharge (whether from BV or just a yeast infection) the vagina becomes irritated and can have bumps like it sounds like you are describing. That is nothing to worry about. It only takes a couple days for the doctors office to get the results from the test for BV, so they have definitely received them by now. There is nothing wrong with you calling them to find out exactly what the report showed. At the same time, you can discuss your concerns with the nurse, who can let you know what the dr says, and may possibly call something in for you if necessary.

    Is a bacterial vaginosis(BV) an STD?
    Is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) an STD? of just an infection like a yeast infection? What causes BV and are the symptoms similar to a yeast infection?

    • ANSWER:
      The Centers for Disease Control include bacterial vaginosis on its list of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, although the exact cause of this common women's health issue is not known.

    How does Bacterial Vaginosis affect men?
    I went to an STI clinic because I had a burning when I urinated and throughout the day, a cloudy discharge. I was told I had Non-Specific Urethritis with the main cause likely to be Chlamydia.

    My partner doesn't have Chlamydia and I haven't had a sexual partner for about a year. Before I met my partner I had no symptoms but all she has been told is that she has BV.

    Now from what I've read about BV, it doesn't affect men, just women. So why do I have the symptoms of a BV if men cannot get it?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't have the symptoms of BV-- BV symptoms affect the *vagina*. You don't have a vagina, so that rules it out. You have NSU, an infection that occurs in males.

    PLEASE HELP, what is going on!?
    So, about 2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and prescribed flagyl. i finished the last dose yesterday night. all the symptoms of the BV went away almost immediately after taking the flagyl within the first day! no more discharge or, I'm experiencing a yellow/clear thin discharge with a slight itchiness to my labia! no odor. nothing like the bv. is this a side effect of the medicine like a yeast infection???I've had a yeast infection once and I remember the discharge being completely different. Could there be something else going on now like vulvitis!?? God its driving me nuts, just want things back to normal, please any ideas as to what is going on??
    I also had a UTI the same time as the BV and was prescribed macrobid. are these side effects maybe?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey there Tina...damn girl...your having so many problems...what's goin on? lol
      Your gonna have to ask the doctor about this my could be because of the 2 medications together, then again, possibly didnt go away...then again, if your still having sex without a condom...who knows what he's bringing to you since you were still taking the medication. you believe whole-heartedly that he's not cheating on you? Please write me back in my email and let me know..ok?
      But to hear that your itching, you definitely have to get that taken care of...with both of those meds., something should have happened by now...i like how you said the Flagyl almost seemed like it was working on the first day which was a good sign...but then the macrobid...
      I just looked up the interactions between the 2's possible you may have some form of peripheral neuropathy that is associated with Flagyl. I don't know what the percentage is that you could get this...but i would think its probably not that high from what i read. I would definitely get to the doctors right away and get this figured out...don't be afraid to ask questions and plenty of them. Write them down...ask him, the 2 drugs together...could there be a possibility of getting peripheral neuropathy, what about having sex...while on these 2 meds., etc. Wish i had an instant answer for you...i'm really sorry.
      Good Luck, let me know what the Dr. says...thanks

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