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Uti Symptoms But No Bacteria In Urine

Written By: ibzzA1 - May• 04•12

We all know that our kidneys are responsible for collecting the waste products of our food intakes and will convert said wastes in urine form. The latter will pass through the ureter and will be temporarily stored in the bladder. Once the bladder is full, a person will feel the urge to relieve himself.

Urine passes out of his system via the urethra and through the opening of his genitalia as the final exit point of the liquid waste. If in case you experience something different in carrying on with this process, it would be best for you to take note of them since they may be urinary tract infection signs.

Urinary tract infection or UTI, is known to take place because of several reasons. They may be borne out of certain health disorders you are suffering from like diabetes, kidney stones or even menopause. In other cases, people who use catheters or birth control devices like diaphragms,spermicides or condoms, are also likely to contract infections in their urinary tracts.

The infection may be due to the presence of germs or bacteria in the devices that were used. Persons who fail to observe proper personal hygiene especially in the care of their genitals or those who wait too long before passing out their urine, tend to accumulate bacteria in their excretory systems. All these conditions will bring about urinary tract infections signs, to indicate that your system is now affected by UTI.

Frequently Asked Questions

    UTI symptoms but no bacteria found. Third episode in three months.?
    Hi, I'm a 18 year old female with some pretty scary problems that no one can seem to give me an answer as to why I'm going through what I'm going through.
    Three months ago I had a sudden UTI. I say sudden because the symptoms came on within minutes and within a half an hour I'm in tears from so much kidney pain and burning in the vaginal area. Of course, I went to the Dr. and they said it was a UTI, prescribed with antibiotics and sent me on my way. Within about three days of being on the antibiotics I started to see my symptoms diminish.
    Roughly 4 weeks later, that same thing happens. Sudden/ intense pain. I'm sent to the ER with UTI symptoms yet again and also dehydration. They did a urine tests like always and yet again told me I was infected with a UTI. So I took the antibiotics and surly enough I'm back to normal.
    Roughly 4 weeks later.. here we go again. You get the picture. I'm in the ER with horrible, horrible pain and they're saying it's yet another UTI. Being afraid of all the damage I may be putting my body through I called an OBGYN and scheduled an appointment with her today. She didn't seem very concerned but wanted to check my cultures from the path three visits to the hospital. Upon doing so, she sees that all three cultures from all three months were negative for growing bacteria. The Dr. still did not seem to be very concerned.
    Yes, before you ask, I'm drinking tons of water. In fact, after my first "UTI" I've become sensitive to caffeine. I instantly get pain in my kidneys and the burning sensation, so I flush my body out with water and it soon goes away. I'm not on any medications other than an Acid Reduced for acid reflux and the occasional Ibprophane for a mild headache or pain I may have. I am not a drug user nor do I drink alcohol.
    To be honest, I'm scared. I'm in so much pain from all of this and to the point of depression because I don't know what's wrong with my body and why I'm in so much pain. If you have any idea as to what might be causing these symptoms please let me know.

    **ALSO. I was tested across the board with my last ER visit for STD's and all came back negative. They also told me that my bladder sits lower than most women.
    **I've been tested for stones and the tests came back negative. I would go to a neurologist but my OBGNY doesn't think I'm that bad off, I guess because she won't give me a referral. Though I stress to her my fear she doesn't seem to think it's a big deal.

    • ANSWER:
      ibuprofen is excreted by the kidneys. do not take it until you find out what's wrong. have
      you had x-rays or an ultra-sound of your kidneys? perhaps, you have a kidney stone.
      consider seeing a urologist.

    UTI/kidney infection symptoms, but urine test came back negative. What's goin on?
    So I recently had a UTI/Kidney Infection (which is very rare for young males as I'm told) and was put on 5 days of anti-biotics, this stuff called septra. I thought 5 days wasn't enough, but they said that they were pretty sure that after 5 days my infection would clear up. I caught the kidney infection really early on, only having felt very minor side pains at the time. It wasnt bad enough yet to where I had a fever, so i guess i was lucky that i caught it early on.
    Well, as I finished my 5 days of antibiotics, I noticed that some of my symptoms were still there. Two days after having finished my anitbiotics I went into my urologists office to get my urine tested just to make sure that my infection had cleared up. He told me that my urine test came back clear. No signs of bacteria, white blood cells, nothing. So I left the office thinking that my infection had cleared up. The problem is, I'm still feeling side pains/lower back pains and abdomen pains. It's been four days since my urologist said the tests were clear, yet the pains are still there. They're really not that bad, the pains come and go throughout the day, staying for like 30 seconds and then theyll go away, but come and go through the day. Most of the time it's kind of like a cramp like pain, and other times its more of a stinging pain, but it's mostly a cramp like pain.
    What kind of side/back pains are associated with kidney infections? is it more of a stinging pain or a cramp pain? And should I go back to retest my urine? I know the test came back negative but i still have pains, im not sure what that means. I don't have health insurance either and each visit is 100 bucks, so I'm not sure if i should go or not. And usually for a kidney infection how long does the pain stay? Like i said the pains im feeling usually just go away in 30 seconds but come and go through the day. I'm actually leaving for a trip across the country in a week and I want to make sure that I'm fine before i leave. The urine test said i was clear but why am I still feeling pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Cut way down on your salt. I know a lot of salt can hurt.

      Drink a lot of water.

      Watch your sugar intake.

    Why would I have blood in urine and no bacteria? Thought I had a UTI..what else could it be?
    I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been taking Macrobid for four days for a UTI. I called my doctor today to check on the urine culture and was told that it was negative for bacteria, but there was blood present. I don't understand why there is blood in my urine. I have a history of UTI"s and cystisits (spelling?) but never kidney stones or anything else. My symptoms were pretty common for UTI, no pain, just pressure and needing to go alot more. Even more than the increase I already have since pregnancy. I am confused about the blood in my urine without bacteria. Doctor told me to stop the antibiotic. I am very confused.....HELP!

    • ANSWER:

    UTI symptoms but not a UTI what can it be? What can I do to make the symptoms go away? and how can I cure it?
    I have always been getting UTI symptoms but when I go to the doc the test results come back with no bacteria in the urine. since I was little I always called it the "pee-pee Problem" all I can do is sit on the toliet for hours playing sudoku puzzles or get in a hot bath so I dont have that urgency feeling or constant burning.. I just recently got a new job that Ive been trying to get for months and I missed 3 days last week because if it and I had to call in again today and I have an appt with the uriolgist tomorrow so more days that Im missing. I wouldnt be surprised if I get fired and then I would have to move back home with my parents. I just want to be able to go to work! Im so depressed now because I have this problem that I just cant seem to get rid of and I dont want to sit on the toliet any more... Please help...

    • ANSWER:
      you really sound like me when i get uti's. that seems weird. i get them really easily so what i do to help me feel better is take AZO pills it relifs the pain and makes you urine change colors make sure to take that with crackers so you dont get quizy and you HAVE to drink a shit load of water, take cranberry pills to help pee and just relax and rest. sleeping always helps. i sure hope you are drinking lots of water. i mean LOTS of water!

    UTI symptoms but no infection? HELP?
    For the past month I have been having symptoms of a UTI (pressure in the lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate)...but no pain...these symptoms started about 3 days after a night of rough intercourse. I went to the doctor and they did a urinalysis and urine culture, but no bacteria were found. I then had a pelvic exam, and everything looked fine. I then had abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds, also fine. Yet I still have this constant urge to urinate. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does it go away on its own? What could be the cause?

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest you see a urologist. Interstitial Cystitis is a possibility. The only way to diagnose it is through by having cystoscopy.

    UTI symptoms and UA results,help? Dr. Frank, Rhianna, anyone...?
    I am a lab tech and recently i was having symptoms of a UTI, burning, urinary frequency, ect.. (all the classic symptoms) plus i've had UTI's in the past so i kind of know what to look for and i usually get one once a year to every couple of years. I did my UA with microscopic and everything appears normal, UA dipstick negative for everything and a normal urobilinogen, microscopic showed neg bacteria, 2 WBC's per hpf,no epi's, rbc's, or anything else. And since i had plenty of urine i went ahead and did my urine chemistry's also. Here are those results
    Urine Na:71
    Urine K:13.8
    Urine Cl:59
    Urine Micro-albumin: <1
    Urine BUN:265
    Urine PHS:18.3
    Do these urine chemistry's look ok? We have info about the tests at my work but no reference ranges for them so i have no idea how doctors use this info when diagnosing or treating a patient? Also why am i have UTI symptoms but no obvious evidence of a UTI on my UA results no WBC's no RBC's or even bacteria? I have been drinking cranberry juice like crazy and it is helping ease the symptoms but if i don't drink it regularly the burning and urinary frequency come back with a vengeance. I had this problem before and my doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up my symptoms, and everything went away. Is it possible to have a mild UTI and not have obvious signs of it on a UA and have symptoms? Also i have a doctors appointment on tues morning should i mention to my doc that my UA doesn't show anything or just let him have me do another one at my dcotors office? Any advice would be appreciated guys, i want to get this fixed ASAP, i like cranberry juice but not enough to hook myself up to an iv with it,lol.
    P.S. i've been having the UTI symptoms for about 1 week now and they are getting a little bit worse but not unbearable.

    • ANSWER:
      OK first your results are normal,I must admit I had to look up urinary electrolytes as they are very rarely checked,have large variations within reference range and are not routinely checked in UTI.

      It is not uncommon for women to have symptoms of UTI in the absence of any evidence of infection.

      Finally cranberry juice or tablets have now clearly been shown to have NO effect at all on symptomatic UTIs and only a very marginal effect as a prophylactic,if used every day by those prone to proven,recurrent infections,so they would be unlikely to contribute anything to your management,even if your problem had been an infection.

      That clears up the myths,so now what might your problem actually be? I have a number of possibilities to suggest. The most common cause is often nicknamed 'honeymoon cystitis'. here intercourse causes irritation of the urethra producing urinary symptoms. Prevention is a high fluid intake and the practice of passing urine immediately after intercourse.

      Another possibility is a urethral caruncle this is a is a benign granulomatous lesion of the distal urethra which also produces discomfort and sometimes urinary symptoms. Local chemical irritation,or allergy from a soap,detergent or perfume, might also cause symptoms.Also I suppose a vaginal infection might also be irritating the urethra.

      I am sure that there are also other options,these would certainly require urological investigation.If your symptoms are persistent you will need to look at this. Make sure that your family doctor DOES NOT prescribe you a 'just in case antibiotic' as here the likelihood is ot might well make your problem worse and very possibly result in you developing thrush,which would confuse the issue still further!

    Health UTI or IC?
    I dont know if anyone can help. I have been having UTI pain for the past 10 months. Ever since I started a relationship. The first time it was positive for bacteria. Then only once since then i have tested positive for bacteria in the urine despite having the UTI symptoms 6 times. I thought it could be IC but my UTI pain cleared up after i took a course of Cephalexin prescribed by my doctor. When i mentioned IC he said its debatable whether IC exists or not. He said that my UTI is related to sex with my partner. But i dont understand why there is no bacteria in my urine and also how come the cephalexin works in getting rid of the symptoms. I am worried it is IC but how can it be if cefalezin gets rid of the symptoms??? Help cos i think i feel a pang of another one coming.
    IC is intestital cystitis ( i think thats how they spell it)

    • ANSWER:
      If you are having a lot of vigorous sex this can cause irritation and inflammation, as well as bacterial infection, it used to be called honeymoon disease. However, since you have had it several times in a short space of time you may need referring to the urology dept. at hospital for further tests. Do you drink adequate amounts of water/fluid per day (approx 2.600 mls per 24 hours) also have cranberry juice this can help to protect the lining of your urethra. Also drink barley water this can also help the bladder do not over do the fluid though because you can make yourself ill drinking too much.

    UTI symptoms, but not a UTI. Please please PLEASE help!?
    I have been dealing with the symptoms for months! In the beginning, I went to the doctor. They tested my urine, and there was bacteria. They gave me antibiotics, and its felt better for a little while. A few days later, the symptoms came back in full force. Since then, I've been to the doctor around 5 times, and every test and culture showed no bacteria, but a trace of blood. I'm kind of scared, and I just wish this thing would go away, whatever it is! The thing is, they want to do a pelvic and other invasive things to figure out what the problem could be, but I absolutely refuse. You see, I had sex with my boyfriend in the midst of these painful months. And I'm so afraid that they [meaning my doctor and my parents] could find out about that by doing these tests and such. Im also afraid that me having sex and this problem are related! I'm just not sure, and I'm afraid this could be serious. I would rather live the rest of my life with this thing than have my parents find out I had sex!

    • ANSWER:

    Diagnosed with UTI but no symptoms?!?
    The doctor says I must have a UTI or bladder infection because in the urine was abnormal levels of wbc, rbc, and bacteria. However I do not have ANY symptoms. None! Am I getting antibiotics for no reason? Or is this possible?
    oh I'm 29 yo and not sexually active at all.. and no kids. pretty healthy otherwise that I know of

    • ANSWER:
      I guess if it is really early days you could have no symptoms.

      There must be a reason they did a urine sample. Whatever that reason is that might be your symptoms.

      I'd take the antis, UTIs are really awful if they take hold. If you get a bad one you might end up needed 2+ doses of antis to shake it so better to hit it early.

      The urine test is pretty accurate. They dip a stick in the urine and different coloured squares react to chemicals so it is easy to interpret even if the doctor is a bit dodgy so you can trust his diagnosis I reckon.

    7 and a half months pregnant. Constant UTI's. No symptoms. Straight Cath? Please help.?
    I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago urinating blood and they told me it was a urinary tract infection and a kidney stone. i had no other symptoms except urinating blood. they released me and put me on macrobid for 10 days. i went to my ob and gave her a clean catch urine on 11/11 and they called me yesterday and told me that i have a urinary tract infection BUT i had already completed the antibiotics to get rid of it and i have no symptoms at all. they told me the bacteria in the urine was able to be killed by the macrobid so they don't know what's going on. they are making me go to the hospital today to get straight cathed to get a "pure" sample and im REALLY scared cause i know it hurts. has this happened to anyone else?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a catheter done about a year ago and it really didn't hurt. When they took it out it just felt like i was peeing the bed haha

      So no worries about that! I wish the best for you and your baby!

    Signs of a UTI but, no Signs of Bacteria, Pregnant?
    I have a history of reoccurring UTI's from hydronephrosis in my left kidney and I know what a UTI feels like because Ive had so many in the past. The signs are pain in back where kidney is located, frequent urination, and trouble emptying bladder completely. Well, now it's harder to convince doctors that I feel like I have a UTI being 6 months pregnant because the doctors want to relate every symptom I'm having to pregnancy. My symptoms have been getting worse with more pain in my kidney now and the doctor I saw today said it was ligament pain from a growing baby and he also said he didn't find any bacteria in my urine. The doctor was very demeaning and aggressive towards me as if I were making things up. He kept hitting his head with his hand and said "I'm trying to educate you." He repeated over and over "theres no bacteria, theres no blood, theres no sign of a UTI." The prognosis he gave me didn't seem right at all. He said the baby sitting on my bladder and growing caused me to urinate frequently and the pain in my back was the weight of the baby. Even the few cramps I had in the front indicating a pelvic infection meant nothing to my doctor, he saw it as round ligaments being stretched out. I think doctors don't take any woman serious when shes pregnant because none of mine are and this is ridiculous! I feel really frustrated! The last time a doctor told me they didn't find any bacteria, I did end up with a bad UTI and I was treated in the emergency room. I need to know what other options are available for me if no doctor will help me. The big concern is that UTI's are the third leading cause of miscarriage and pelvic infections are the second leading cause. Somethings not right if a doctor doesn't want to help their patient!

    • ANSWER:

    I Have Symptoms of a UTI but no UTI?
    A couple of months ago I felt like I was getting a UTI. I had just had sex the night before and then the next day I started feeling the symptoms of one. I have had UTIs before so I know the signs. I immediately tried to fight it of by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. The next week I went to the doctor to get checked out. They did a urine sample but found no bacteria. They put me on antibiotics anyways. They did not work and I was still feeling painful inflammation in my urinary tract. So I went back. They did another culture, it came back negative again and switched antibiotics. Again nothing worked. I then went to a urologist who told me that I probably had an infection but it went away and I still had inflammation from it. He told me to take 3 motrins twice a day. After a couple of days the pain went away. But then the next week was back again. Ever since then it has been coming and going. Does anyone know what it could be?

    • ANSWER:

    Urology Health question for recurring UTI's with blood and pus but no bacteria?
    I am a 21 year old female. I have had recurring symptoms and have been treated for a UTI 10 times in the last 12 months. I have blood and pus in my urine but no bacteria. I have had a Cytoscopy, xrays, and CT Scan. They found nothing wrong. My Urologist is sending me for a MRI and if that doesnt reveal the problem he said he is unsure of what to do next. Any advice as to a possible cause? My sympotms are pain during urination, lower abdominal soreness, pain during intercourse, frequent urination, and i also have fatigue and muscle aches although I dont know if those symptoms are related. Also all of these symptoms are constant. Before and after treatments for the UTI's I still have all the symptoms. The only difference is the severity of the pain while urinating. When it gets really painful I go to the ER and get treated with antibiotics for a UTI. We have tried numerous types of antibiotics but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    There was no bacteria present in the multiple urine cultures. I am not sure about the microscopic. Thank you very much Rak I will definately bring up some of those possibilities with my doctor. Will the MRI show if it is something like ovarian cancer? And no worries about scaring me. I have been in pain for so long that I dont care what it is, I just want to know what it is so we can fix it.
    Also the only family history of cancer I have is my maternal grandfather who had colon cancer but it didnt develop until well into his 70's. And my maternal great grandmother died of some sort of eye cancer also in her older years.

    • ANSWER:
      No bacteria grew out in the CULTURE or no bacteria was seen in the urine MICROSCOPIC??

      If there's bacteria in the urine microscopic, but nothing grows out on the urine culture, it is most likely an organism that requires special media to grow like Ureaplasma or Mycoplasma. Has your urine been tested for those organisms? The doctor would have to order a culture (or PCR) SPECIFICALLY for those organisms. Those organisms require special treatment for a very long time...much longer than treatment for a regular UTI...that could be why it's not responding to the antibiotic treatment you've had thus far. That's only if the urine microscopic is positive for bacteria, of course.

      What I am guessing, though, is that it is something other than a UTI causing your troubles.

      It could be adverse effects of a medication you are taking causing inflammation of the bladder. It could be pelvic inflammatory disease. It could be an ovarian cyst putting pressure on the bladder. And I don't want to scare you, but it could even be ovarian cancer. Do you have a family history of cancer?

      I really hope you find the answers you are looking for. Your doc should have ordered an ultrasound before going as drastic as an MRI. Most the possibilities I listed above can be indicated or ruled out with an ultrasound.

      Take care.

    Strange Symptoms... Can you help?
    I have an array of strange symptoms. Can anyone piece this together?

    I have had chronic hives for many years, coupled with food allergies that are well controlled. In addition- I have had chronic kidney/UTI’s that I saw a urologist for a few years ago. A few weeks ago a random urine test yielded large amouts of bacteria in my urine so they gave my Cipro (I had NO UTI symptoms- I also never used to get symptoms). I got 10 UTI’s/Kidney infections in 12 months a few years ago- so I am scared this is re-occuring again. I am going to go in for random urine tests every three months. I did a repeat urine analysis after finishing the CIPRO and it was negative (YAY!)

    The last few days I have not been getting hives all over my body- but my right ankle, both elbows, and both knees are red, hot and itchy. Right on the joints.

    I just want to know if any of this sounds connected. I feel at a loss- I’m starting to feel as if it is all in my head. The affected joints sting throughout the day and are extremely tender when pressing them.

    I just need help- I don’t know who to go to, where to go from here, and what medicine to even take anymore. Any doctor available to guide me to the next step?

    Thanks- hope you all have a wonderful new years!

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to have an infection such as Kidney Infection or Bladder infection without any symptoms?
    On Tuesday I developed symptoms of a UTI and I decided to take the at home test strips to see if it was positive for a UTI. I took the first test strip on Friday morning, the results showed that I had high levels of LEU in my urine but no Nitrite (the main bacteria found in a UTI). I took another test strip on Sunday morning and it showed the same as Friday. By Sunday I no longer had any symptoms of a UTI. Monday morning I decided to take the last test strip just to see if I still had LEU in my urine. Although I no longer had any symptoms of a UTI I still had high levels of LEU in my urine (according to the test strips). I have no health insurance and I don't want to go to a doctor unless I absolutely have to. So is it possible that I have high levels of LEU in my urine because I have some other type of infection in my body without any major noticeable or susceptible symptoms. I have been running slighting warm but if it weren't for the UTI symptoms I wouldn't even think anything about it. Also for the past 5-6 years I have been on birth control. I just recently (like this week) stopped taking them. I have had vaginal bleeding but I have read that that is possible to happen when just going off of the pill. So I'm trying not to to be all worrisome and over react about all of this but I'd really like to know if I should seek medical attention or not. By the way not having health insurance sure does suck...

    • ANSWER:

    Please help! No blood or bacteria in urine but constant need and urgency to urinate!?
    I have had 3 different urine tests taken because I am having a constant need to urinate. I am having to go pee every 10 or 20 minutes and most of the time I am having to pee quite a bit. Sometimes it isn't as much as other times. But as the weeks have gone by the urgency and pressure have gotten worse! At first I thought that I might have a UTI and obviously after the three tests they can't find anything in my urine. Nothing at all. I thought it might also be Interstitial Cystitis but because there was no blood in my urine, my family doctor ruled that out too. My gyno and my family doctor both think that I need to see a Urologist but my insurance is PCN- Medicaid so they will not cover specialists. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! I am so uncomfortable and can't sleep without taking Benadryl or something like that. And I cannot afford any expensive treatment either. Has anyone had these same symptoms and figured it out? Please help, I don't know what to do!

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible that you have a condition known as 'overactive bladder' that can be treated with medication. Or it could be 'Stress urinary incontinence'. I'm not a doctor but those are just some possibilities I know of. I hope you find out what's wrong soon!

    Streptococcus bacteria was found in my urine sample, doc thought it was odd, what could it be from?
    I had a bladder infection (UTI) over a month ago and was giving the antibiotic cefuroxime to treat it. It went away but caused me to have a yeast infection. I did a monistat type thing to get rid of that. Some days ago I had some symptoms of either a yeast infection or some UTI thing again, I went to the doctor and gave a urine sample. The culture thing revealed strep as present in it. The doctor thought that was weird and asked if I used anything different, I said no.. I had no idea what it would be from. He gave me the antibiotic Amox/Clav 850mg (the strongest kind out there) which I thought was weird. So I'm kind of scared why things keep going wrong with me.
    I've taken birth controls pills since March of this year. Do those cause infections like this to happen or am I just weird?

    • ANSWER:
      you are taking bactrim ds now which should help the step infection why not ask your doctor for diflucan for the yeast infection and your birth control pills better use another form along with the birth control pill for a month in case the antibiotics affected the pill

    Urinary symptoms but no UTI?
    Lately, since November, I've been having urinary problems like increased frequency & problems emptying out my bladder as well as irritation after urinating.

    I have gotten MANY urine tests which all came out negative.

    I suspect I may be diabetic.

    One doctor said my urine test was mildy positive, but had no bacteria. He said white blood cells were mildy found, which meant an infection was being fought.

    What could this be?? I am so clueless.

    I am an 18 year old female, far from overweight, in fact I lost a few pounds & I'm average weight.
    My grandfather has diabetes.


    • ANSWER:
      Interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as painful bladder syndrome or bladder pain syndrome, is a condition that results in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. The symptoms can vary greatly between individuals and even for the same person throughout the month, including an urgent need to urinate (urgency), a frequent need to urinate (frequency) and, for some, pressure and/or pelvic pain. People with severe cases of IC/PBS may urinate as many as 60 times a day, including frequent nighttime urination (nocturia).

      Pain levels can range from mild tenderness to intense, agonizing pain. Pain typically worsens as the bladder fills and is then relieved after urination. Pain may also radiate to the lower back, upper legs, vulva and penis. Women's symptoms may fluctuate with their menstrual cycle, often flaring during ovulation and/or just before their periods. Men and women may experience discomfort during or after sexual relations. During flares, patients may also experience the “IC Belly,” a sudden and random swelling of the lower abdomen.

      When an IC bladder is examined using a procedure called hydrodistention with cystoscopy, physicians often find small, bleeding wounds, also known as petechial hemorrhages or glomerulations. These are usually caused by recurring irritation, such as coffee or soda. About ten percent of patients may have larger, more painful wounds, called Hunner’s Ulcers. Some patients with mild IC may have bladders that appear normal during a cystoscopy. IC patients rarely test positive for infection in standard urinalysis and urine cultures (1,2).

      In recent years, there has been much debate about renaming IC and suggestions have included painful bladder syndrome, bladder pain syndrome and pelvic pain syndrome. In the United States, we typically use the term interstitial cystitis (IC) or interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS) though many believe that patients are being frequently misdiagnosed with overactive bladder and/or chronic prostatitis. In Europe, physicians appear to favor the term bladder pain syndrome (BPS). We urge you not to become invested in any specific name but rather focus on symptoms. If someone has frequency, urgency, pressure and/or pain, they clearly require medical care and should be treated with compassion.

      Take care


    uti infection, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and itchy skin?
    I've had the full work up at the gyno and my primary physician and still no answers! I should also note that I am not sexually active. Maybe someone out there has a similar story. Okay, here goes. About 6-8 weeks ago I started having frequent urination (especially at night) and mild pain in my mid to lower back/side area. These were my only symptoms. Went to my doctor and he did a dipstick urine test. There was blood, pus and elevated protein in my urine - he put me on cipro. After a week, no relief so he switched me to bactrim. Finished bactrim with no change in symptoms. About three weeks ago I started having abnormal uterine bleeding (non stop, but light to moderate). Went to my gyno and had a pelvic exam, pap smear and a pelvic ultrasound. All clear from the gyno's point of view. About a week ago, pain in back started feeling worse and "full" (or swollen), started itching like crazy almost everywhere (arms, underarms, legs, neck, etc.), feel achy all over with a low-grade fever. Went to primary doc again he did a CBC and a urine culture. CBC came back normal, but the urine culture showed an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria (UTI) and put me on Macrobid. I just took my first dose tonight (3/23/09). Would a UTI cause all these other crazy symptoms? My doctor was unable or unwilling to answer my questions about all my other symptoms; especially the itching and abnormal uterine bleeding. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
    I also wanted to point out that I was not on any medication (not even the antibiotic) when my itching began. Antibiotics (cipro and bactrim) were finished about two weeks prior to the itchy skin. I also have endometriosis (have had two surgeries to remove it), but it has never caused dysfunctional uterine bleeding in the past (other than heavy, regular periods). It's just odd that all these symptoms are happening at one time.

    • ANSWER:

    White blood cells in urine, lower abdominal pain, but no bacteria. HELP?
    I recently had some severe stabbing pain in my left flank and my lower right quarter as well as some lower abdominal pain. When I went to the doctor, he told me it was most likely a UTI. He gave me a prescription for Cephalexin, and told me he'd send in my urine for a culture to test for bacteria.

    My culture came back, and I was told that there was no bacteria in my culture but still some white blood cells. The nurse on the phone didn't specify how many, but from the sound of her deliverance of the news she seemed rather calm and unconcerned about the white blood cells. I asked her if having HPV could cause the white blood cells, she said yes and I'm probably healing from it. The kidney pains have resided completely but I notice that my lower abdominal pain remains and gets slightly worse whenever I have to defecate. Part of me is wondering if I have an intestinal problem surfacing now, and that I should re contact my doctor with this symptom. ( i didn't notice the defecation issue until the kidney pain resided.)

    Does anyone have any idea what could be going on with my body? (please no mean comments)

    • ANSWER:
      The presence of white blood cells in the urine is typically a sign of infection. It can be anything from a simple UTI to liver or kidney problems. Any infection will cause the white blood cells.

      Often, a UTI will pass on it's own and the blood cells will show up in a low count because the body is still healing. They say high count when there's a lot (obvious infection) or low count when there's just a few (possible passing infection). As long as you aren't presenting a high temperature, vomiting, or experiencing severe diarrhea, there's not much a doctor can do.

      A lot of things affect our bowel movements: coffee, foods high in fat or fiber, supplements, and medications. It's important to eat a balanced and healthy diet. If you feel like you're getting a UTI then drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria. Also drink plenty of cranberry juice because it contains special enzymes that make it more difficult for bacteria to "hold on" to the lining in your urinary tract. When you have to urinate, go don't wait. Holding our urine keeps bacteria in.

      An actual kidney infection as the result of a UTI infection is rare. The UTI would have to go untreated for quite awhile until the bacteria reached the kidneys. A kidney infection will give severe pain in the back up near the shoulder blades and not near the lower back as many people often seem to believe. You can try the B.R.A.T. diet and see if that helps. Bananas, white rice, applesauce, and toast are easy on the digestive tract.

    Uti, cranberry juice, healing, etc?
    I had a UTI last week on vacation, only I didn't know it because I thought it was a yeast infection. When I got on the plane to come home, the real UTI symptoms started (fever, chills, intense urinary pain).

    When I got home, I had a 4-day course of Bactrim. It took a while for the symptoms to really subside; I am now no longer nauseous or feverish and it doesn't hurt to pee, but there is some residual ache in the "pee" area (sorry TMI).

    I went to the doc today and she took a urine sample, and it was clean. She's sending it out to see if there is some trace bacteria that may be affecting me. She said I was probably just still healing, that I should go home and drink unsweetened cranberry juice, and that's what I'm doing. She said to call if anything got worse, and that she'd let me know the results of my culture when it came back.

    I guess I'm just scared that I'll never feel normal again! Can it really take this long to feel normal after a week-long UTI?
    You ladies are the best, I feel so reassured!! :) I only ever had one UTI before, and I caught it on Day 1, so this is very different. Thank you!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it can! Keep drinking the juice. You will prb feel better in 2-3 days!

    do these results mean i have a UTI?
    So my OB Dr would not give me medication with these results because i guess having EPITHELIAL cells means the specimen is no good? well i have alll the classic UTI symptoms but they will not treat me? my PCP Dr said i def have UTI but they cant treat me cause i am a OB patient right now (im 35 weeks pregnant) im not sure if i can be treated this late in the pregnancy anyways but even when i am NOT pregnant my OB/GYN will not treat me if those cells are present?! i wipe with the 3 little wet naps before i pee in the cup so im not sure why those cells keep getting in my urine & its not like i dont shower or am a dirty person?? well before my PCP Dr called in meds for me cuz this is NOT the first time my OB/GYN has done this & im gettin really sick of it... i need a new Ob/GYN Dr i think. Someone please help me!

    COLOR- Yellow
    APPEARANCE- Cloudy
    NITRITE- Negative
    PROTEIN- Negative
    PH- 7.0
    BLOOD- Negative
    KETONE- Negative
    BILIRUBIN- Negative
    GLUCOSE- Negative
    WBC- 10-15
    RBC- None seen
    BACTERIA- Rare
    MUCOUS- Rare
    CRYSTALS- 1+ Amorphous
    CRYSTALS- 1+ Ca Ox
    they didnt explain NOTHING! they just said you DONT have a UTI cause the specimen is not counted i guess cause there is those EPITHELIAL cells??? my PCP said i def have a UTI but they CANNOT treat me cause im a OB patient. so im at the mercy of the OB Dr. who im guessing doesnt care! i cant wait to have my Baby & be done with this Dr.

    • ANSWER:

    Keep giving girl a UTI?
    I'm a male, circumcized, recently checked for STD's (NONE) and very hygienic. The girl is also very hygienic and no STD's. Thing is every time we have sex she gets a UTI within a day. She pee's before and after sex and cleans properly. Now she has been with someone while with me and got no UTI, then when with me again she has gotten a UTI. My only previous girl I was with before her used to get UTI's as well.
    So my question is I carry no symptoms for a UTI at all, but can there be bacteria naturally on me that causes this, bacteria in my semen/urine that causes this or some other factor?

    Just to clear up a few more questions, I have not had anal sex so thats out, and even when she did have anal sex with this other guy she never got a UTI. Condoms, especially spermicidal ones tend to mess her up as well. So for all intent and purpose lets leave using a condom out as one of the solutions.
    Thanks if anyone has a clue.

    • ANSWER:

    Uti cause missed period?? ?
    I am on birth control and I have never missed a period on birth control before! Well I am having frequent urge to urinate (no pain when peeing though & no smell), pressure in my pelvic area, pain in my lower back, cramping, bloating, breat soreness, nausea, and sensitivity to smells.. I originally thought that some of the symptoms were from the uti & the rest were just from taking the birth control. But just in case in case I took a pregnancy test and it said negative! BUT when I went to the doctors they said my urine was clear from any bacteria! So without the uti I have no idea what could be causing these symtoms! I'm really confused! PLEASE HELP! Could the uti be delaying my period?? BTW I have not taken any antibiotics either!

    • ANSWER:

    Confused about my urine reults!! PLEASE HELP ME?
    I had a miscarriage Feb,7/2011 and on that date my HCG level was 4. I have not had a period since January,3/2011. Two months ago I went into EMERGENCY becaause I was having some unusual symptoms. One morning my urine was very dark like a dark brown. I have constantly had this very strong disgusting odor to my urine. I just didn't and don't feel right. While in emergency they tested my urine and said that I probably have a Urinary Tract Infection so they prescribed me macrobid. They checked to see if i possibly might be pregnant. It came up negative they said my HCG level was only 4(it's been at 4 since the day of my miscarriage.
    The reason why they prescribed me medication for a UTI is because of my urine results. They said they were not sure it was a UTI but they wanted me to take thes meds until my urine culture results came back. These are my urine results before the culture.

    Colour- Yellow
    Appearance- Clear
    SG- >=1.030
    pH- 5.5
    Leukocytes- NEGATIVE
    Nitrite- NEGATIVE
    Protein- NEGATIVE
    Glu- Negative
    Ketones- NEGATIVE
    Urobilinogen- 3.2
    Bilirubin- Negative
    Blood- small( under FLAG they put an H)

    Erythrocytes- 1-4( they also put an H under the flag on this one to)
    Leukocytes- 1-2
    Epithelial Cell- Moderate
    Mucous Threads- Few
    Bacteria- Few
    Sperm- occas.(im guessing thats because I had sex the night before)

    I am 18 (with 2 kids) I have no idea what these results may mean. The doctor called me today and said there was no infection found in my culture :S(CONFUSED) so I asked why I had blood in my urine( thats the only thing i could understand on my results) and they told me to follow up with my family doctor that there has to be another explanation for these results. Does anyone know what this could be( do my results read NORMAL) if its not a UTI what could it be? When look at my results beside each result i have theres a section called REFERENCE and im thinking that might be the normal results for everything i was tested. If so there are quite a few of these results that dont seem normal to me. PLease help i do NOT understand this doctor term. Im scared to go to the dr unprepared of what i may hear. Hoping someone can give me a few ideas. PLEASE???? I need motivations!! I keep rolling the dr off cause i believe im fine it has also been over 13 weeks since my miscarriage and still no period

    • ANSWER:
      Urine R&M stand for
      .. Routine n Microbidog..

      is there a simple way to explain this to you problely not ..
      1..your color is healthy
      2..clearness of urine is healthy normal
      3..pH is healthy pH if normal witch yours is its between 4.5 n 8.0
      4..leukocytes good
      nitrite good
      protein good
      Glu good
      Ketones good
      *they check these things reflect altered function in kidney itslef

      5..SG -Specific Gravity healthy ranges from 1;002 n 1;035
      yours is at 1.030 is possible they test you high so that could be the cause of your urine being different colors an odors

      sounds no more then what they say is a UTI

      i wouldnt worry to much

    Can someone help me understand my urine test results?
    I had a miscarriage Feb,7/2011 and on that date my HCG level was 4. I have not had a period since January,3/2011. Two days ago I went into EMERGENCY becaause I was having some unusual symptoms. One morning my urine was very dark like a dark brown. I have constantly had this very strong disgusting odor to my urine. I just didn't and don't feel right. While in emergency they tested my urine and said that I probably have a Urinary Tract Infection so they prescribed me macrobid. They checked to see if i possibly might be pregnant. It came up negative they said my HCG level was only 4(it's been at 4 since the day of my miscarriage.
    The reason why they prescribed me medication for a UTI is because of my urine results. They said they were not sure it was a UTI but they wanted me to take thes meds until my urine culture results came back. These are my urine results before the culture.

    Colour- Yellow
    Appearance- Clear
    SG- >=1.030
    pH- 5.5
    Leukocytes- NEGATIVE
    Nitrite- NEGATIVE
    Protein- NEGATIVE
    Glu- Negative
    Ketones- NEGATIVE
    Urobilinogen- 3.2
    Bilirubin- Negative
    Blood- small( under FLAG they put an H)

    Erythrocytes- 1-4( they also put an H under the flag on this one to)
    Leukocytes- 1-2
    Epithelial Cell- Moderate
    Mucous Threads- Few
    Bacteria- Few
    Sperm- occas.(im guessing thats because I had sex the night before)

    I am 18 (with 2 kids) I have no idea what these results may mean. The doctor called me today and said there was no infection found in my culture :S(CONFUSED) so I asked why I had blood in my urine( thats the only thing i could understand on my results) and they told me to follow up with my family doctor that there has to be another explanation for these results. Does anyone know what this could be( do my results read NORMAL) if its not a UTI what could it be? When look at my results beside each result i have theres a section called REFERENCE and im thinking that might be the normal results for everything i was tested. If so there are quite a few of these results that dont seem normal to me. PLease help i do NOT understand this doctor term. Im scared to go to the dr unprepared of what i may hear. Hoping someone can give me a few ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      you can't tell that way go to a doctor!!! -

    Is it okay to stop taking my antibiotics early if the symptoms are gone? (on YAZ and SICK of antibiotics)?
    It sounds stupid, I know, but let me explain.

    I'm 20, on YAZ, non-smoker, good health, hygenic, clean/loyal boyfriend, etc.

    Recently I've been dealing with this UTI horror again, starting mid-December. Got Amoxicilin. Worked for the week I was on it, then the day after finishing the last pill, BAM! - that morning after I woke up, I felt all those crappy UTI symtoms again, worse than before. So I immediately got on Ciprofoxacin. Worked while I was on it, and for nine days afterward until symptoms reappeared. So now I'm on this Sulfameth crap, hoping it'll work. Took my first pill today (1 pill twice a day for ten days) I haven't had symptoms yet, and didn't have symptons in a few days before I got around to going to the doctor for the prescription. Only some pain around nine days after finishing Cipro then it went away. My pee's still cloudy but that's about it. No more burning.

    So the thing is, I'm on Yaz. Have been for nearly two years. I'm sick of having to worry about these freaking meds screwing up my BCP and having to use condoms (ew), because basically the antibiotics might/will interact with my Yaz and make unprotected sex possibly unsafe for the entire month (I'm a Sunday starter). So that's... three months of wasted YAZ? Screw this!


    Heart of the matter:

    Including today, I have 8 days of YAZ pills left in my blister pack before I start a new month's cycle of pills. Including today, I have 10 days of Sulfameth antibiotic pills (2 a day for 10 days). Sulfameth takes about 48 hrs to get out of your system, like the other antibiotics I've taken. So I'm thinking I might stop taking my Sulfameth three days early if the symptoms are gone by then, so it won't screw up my new month of Yaz.

    It sounds like a retarded plan, but I'm sick of taking antibiotics all the time- they've probably killed everything in my gut by now. I understand by taking them early I might risk not killing off all the bacteria that's causing my UTI. However, when my urine was tested the last time for a UTI, doc said there was only a little bit of bacteria left (but enough for discomfort).

    I'm just pissed and tired of taking huge nasty antibiotic pills. Maybe they can just tear out my urethra and replace it with a plastic crazy straw next time. :[

    So anyone else have an experience like this? Chronic (or persistant) UTI sufferers? Hopefully a couple days of Sulfameth with knock out any bacteria left and I can get my quality of life back.

    • ANSWER:
      You must NEVER stop taking antibiotics until the full dosage is complete, and you must take them as directed (proper number each day, times of day, etc.)

      This is because symptoms usually stop before the antibiotic is through completely eliminating the particular bacteria from the body.
      If you stop too soon, then a little evolution goes on in your body:
      the few bacteria still left, not strong enough to make you sick, but enough to be alive, are those that are a little more resistant to the drug.
      They will reproduce, and the strongest of them will survive.
      They will reproduce and develop a strain that is antibiotic resistant, and they will stay in your body.
      you might get better, or the infection might flare up again, and this time, the antibiotic won't work, because you allowed the stronger bacteria to survive and develop a strain that can't be killed by the same antibiotic.

      If you take the entire dose, that will ensure that ALL the bacteria that made you sick are gone.

      Please, follow your doctor's orders, not just for yourself, but so that you do not become the source of yet another antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria.

      If in doubt, consult your physician.

    Why is my UTI not going away?
    About 12 days ago I felt a UTI coming on (I get these frequently). I was out of town and my dr. called in an antibiotic for me without testing my urine, etc. A week later I felt better, but still felt traces of it and experienced some symptoms, including frequent urination, etc. I went to the doctor 3 days ago and he tested my urine, said there was no bacteria but the urine was still a little "dirty" and "dry." He took my blood and had it sent out for kidney and liver check, just to make sure. In the meantime, my symptoms are getting worse again, although I do not have blood in the urine or a fever or anything like that. I am completely uncomfortable and go to the bathroom every few mins. What should I do? The dr. will be calling me within the next few days about my results. Should I ASK for another round of antibiotics? or wait it out? Help me out!

    • ANSWER:
      You could ask for more antibiotics, but in the mean time, just flood yourself with water, and cranberry juice works wonders. I know from personal experince on bladder infections, and dealing with my wife's UTI's.

    Frequent UTI after intercourse, are there home remedies? What can I do to prevent them? Help!!!?
    Every month, for the past 7 months, I have been having frequent urinary tract infections. The UTI happens After intercourse. I feel like I can not urinate and I constantly feel the urge to urinate. I do not have pain or burning, I just have the urge to urinate which is associated with a tingling sensation in the pelvic area. I have been to two Urologists. Both tested my urine and found the bacteria enterococcus. The first Urologist tested me for sexual transmitted diseases which were negative and gave me ampicillin (500 mg) to take after intercourse. Taking 500mg of ampicillin after intercourse worked well. I stopped taking 500mg of ampicillin when a friend in medical school told me that 500mg is way too much and it could be hurting my liver. Being on antiobiotics my whole life does not seem like a good solution. The second urologist I went to did a pelvic examination, cystoscopy,and uro dynamic test,and an abdominical ultrasound. Everything was normal. He prescribed 250 mg of ampicillin to take after intercourse, which is a low dose. This did not help. I still suffer due to UTI infections after intercourse. I tried ampicillin, macrobid, cipro and a 7day treatment of these antiobiotics usually get rid of the infection. I am scared to have sex because I do not want to suffer from another infection. The urologist said I should do pelvic exercises and drinkcranberry juice, which have not helped me. I have taken cranberry supplements, urinated before and after intercourse,wiped front to back, wearing only cotton underwear, avoiding caffeine..I have tried just about everything. Some people say it can be due to just the irritation of the condom but I never had this problem in the past. Last time I went to the Urologist, I felt the symptoms I thought were a UTI, and they did a test in the office and sent it out to the lab, and both tests were negative. The the medical assistant told me that it was probably psychological because no bacteria was found. Please help. I am desperate. Are there home remedies that can prevent a UTI? What do you think the problem is?
    The only thing I have changed since before I have been having a UTI would be the frequency in intercourse. I do not get to see my boyfriend so when I do, I spend the day with him and we have sex multiple times. I started dating him in June and that is when I had my first UTI. After two months of suffering of UTI, I hardly have sex and if I do just have it one time, I have immediate urgency to urinate.
    I also have been to a gynecologist and she recommended me to go to a urologist. Previous to UTI's, I have have bacterial vaginosis infections which I treat with metro gel.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, so men have bacteria on their penises. They pee, they don't wipe. With my husband, even one day of sweat collecting on his junk, or grime on his hands means I end up with these same problems.

      Try washing him in the shower before sex. Make it fun. If he gets carried away that's okay. Let him. Sex will last longer because it is about you then, and he won't be as rough. It also helps to actually be in the mood, because your natural lubricant makes bacteria less likely to get into your urinary tract. Don't use heavy soaps, but do clean everything around the balls.

      I started having my husband shave his balls, which I love to fondle now. Since I did (it's been about a year) I have not had a single urinary problem. I used to always have infections.

      Believe it or not, we both ended up happier.

    Should my son have a VCUG done if he has only had one UTI infection?
    My 10 yr. old son recently had his first UTI (urinary track infection). He was given antibiotics and no longer has anymore symptoms. His pediatrician called a week later and said they found bacteria/nitrites in his urine and recommend he have a renal ultrasound and VCUG. From what I have read a VCUG can be very painful and dramatic and they do not sedate the child. I also read that in order for a UTI test to be positive that it will have bacteria/nitrites in it, so my question is if my son took antibiotics and has no more symptoms why does he need a VCUG? I do not want to put him through this procedure if it isn't really necessary I would have it done if he has had more than one UTI, but he has only had one. Please let me know if you have been in the same situation and your opinion. Thanks so much :)

    • ANSWER:
      you need to question your son's Dr about why he is recommending these test. The VCUG is not a very painful procedure, the catheter placement would be the most uncomfortable part. From what I have read it is usually not recommended for children as old as your son with their first UTI. Ask the Dr to know for sure

    Could this be implantation bleeding?
    I went to the doctor for a UTI yesterday, but the urine dip came back negative for bacteria. It did, however, come back positive for blood. I have all the UTI symptoms and no visible blood in my urine. I am currently TTC and would have been 3DPO yesterday...could it have been implantation bleeding that was in my urine? I know 3DPO is early, but not impossible from what I understand. Again, no blood is visible at all.

    Today I'm feeling much better after drinking lots of water yesterday to flush myself out. The dr. is supposed to call tomorrow with results of the urine culture from the lab.

    • ANSWER:
      It does not sound like implantation bleeding...there has not been enough time for the fertilized egg to make it down the fallopian tubes yet. Although, I do hope you get your BFP this month!

    UTI - Pleae help!?
    Ok this is the first time I am having a UTI,
    I have no obvious symptoms though, But I had pain in both of my kidneys.. My doc asked to get a urine culture done and found out the bacteria causing it is "Klebsiella Pneumoniae". Anyone heard of it or got it before?
    The bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics and I am searching n searching on net but not getting anything useful treatment-wise.

    My doc has planned to keep me on antibiotic Ciprafloxacin(Cipran) for 7 days n if things don't improve he's gonna give me around 7-10 injections each day? Are you ladies familier with this plan of treatment?

    Any help would be so much appreciated. When my doc saw the name of the bacteria he was like "Oh No!" Is it difficult to treat or what?

    Thanks in advance.
    That's what I am thinking, I am so clean and hygeinic that my family jokes that i have obsessive compulsive disorder lol.. And I always wipe from front to back.. And I am not sexually active?
    My complete abdomen ultrasound was normal and stool test was also normal.

    • ANSWER:
      klebsiella pnuemoniae!! how on earth did a respiratory bug get in your urine, is probably what the doctor was thinking, and how did it get to your kidneys without making you a whole lot sicker than it has!!
      it is important to kill off this bacteria quickly and completely, do whatever he tells you to do, or I personally, would see a urologist to find out why such an unusual organism got into your urinary tract.

    Abdominal pain and bloating for a week and a half - HELP PLEASE?
    I've been having abdominal bloating and pain for a week and a half. At first it started out in the pelvic region but then moved to the lower abdomen. I am constantly bloated and achy, but it gets worse the longer I am awake (aka up and moving), and when I eat. Also, when I eat, I experience nausea. I went to the urgent care and they tested me for any type of bacteria found in my urine, and they also took an xray of my chest and abdomen. They found nothing. A couple of days later I went to an OBGYN who, once again, tested my urine, and also did a pelvic exam. She found nothing in the pelvic exam but said there was a TRACE of blood found in my urine that was typical of UTI's, but she said it could have been caused by a piece of skin falling into the urine sample. She went ahead and gave me antibiotics for a UTI, but it seemed she was doing this out of desperation because she did not know what was wrong with me. I have started taking the medicine but have seen no improvement. I'm hoping that someone will have an idea of what is wrong with me. I find myself in tears at night because it has gotten so bad. I'm not constipated or pregnant, and I have not changed my eating habits.
    Some other facts:
    I've had 2 hernia surgeries, one of each side of my pelvic. The right side scar has been hurting recently.
    I've had an ovarian cyst but had no symptoms of it up until it burst.
    I've experienced some other symptoms throughout this whole debacle such as lower back pain and pain on my lower right side.
    I have not had a fever.
    I have not had any of the typical UTI symptoms such as burning sensation while urinating and a frequent urge to urinate


    • ANSWER:

    Is this really a kidney infection?
    I had a sudden onset of lower back pain right above my waist (close to my side) but lower than my actual was so severe I went to the doctor and he said I had bacteria in my urine and put me on Cipro. I have no pain when urinating and no bladder spasms just the pain in the back. I had a low-grade fever in the Dr. office. I did not do anything to my back for it to hurt this bad and since there was bacteria in my urine it should be a kidney infection right? I always thought kidney infections had UTI symptoms also. I am sure there are people who have had these who can help!
    I have been to the doctor and I am on antibiotics but I feel like I should have more symptoms than just back pain.
    oh....and my kidney is not tender and the pain is actually closer to my sacrum/hip bone.

    • ANSWER:
      yes, it is a easy fix they can just give you antibiotics it well clear up on its own.yet, if you don't get it fix it could make you really ill, your kidneys can actually shut down. it is rare that is would spread to both sides of the kidneys. you know they can do an ultra sound to see if their is anything wrong with your kidneys.

      a kidney infections you do run fevers. also it feels like someone is stabbing you in the back. it is normally right by where your body curves inward like an hour glass. the middle of your back.

      it takes time to get worse is a easy fix to fix. they can just give you antibiotics if it is a infection.

      also i thought i had a kidney infection it can be from your computer chair hurting your back. have them do a pee sample they can tell. because you have protein in your urine if anything is wrong.

    recurring urinary tract infections, odd symptoms?
    for almost a year now my mom has had urinary tract problems. it started as-

    in november 2008 she went to the doctor complaining of back pain. went to the doctor, found out it was a uti.

    a year passed. in november 2009, she got the back pain again with nausea, chills and burning vagina.
    since then in nov.2009 she has been on antibiotics every month. the doctors say they are uti's but we dont believe they are. she doesnt have any symptoms anymore except a dull pain in her kidney. we went to the doctor yesterday and she had a sonogram on her lower abdominal. they checked her kidneys, spleen, but they didnt check the gallblader because she had it removed 10 years ago. we went for a follow up today, and all of her results for anything were negative. no lesions, no stones, nothing. my mother thinks she has a hidden stone, especially because shes had gal-stones before. the doctors want to do a Ureteral retrograde brush biopsy on her, but we arent sure if its a good idea. the doctors said a sonogram isnt 100%, so were moving on to a cat scan. has anyone had this before? can you share some insight? btw, shes done it all- cranberry pills, cranberry juice, cotton underwear, etc. the doctors also say that they arent even uti's because her bacteria count isnt even as much as a normal uti. right now shes on an antibiotic that is like an anti-septic for your urine but theres no results. thank you for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      Although there may be other things going on, it sounds like she may have Interstitial Cystitis (IC). For years I felt like I had a UTI most of the time, but the tests came back negative (low bacteria). My doctors told me to take Advil, or that it was a yeast infection, or I should see a psychiatrist. I later found out I had IC, a painful bladder condition that causes ulcers in your bladder and feels like a UTI, but is not an infection. So, antibiotics don't help and cranberry actually makes it worse. The test for it is distending the bladder and putting a camera in there to take pictures and see if you have the ulcers and scarring.

      When you have a lot of continuing pain down there your muscles tense up around it, and can cause ongoing muscles cramps, spasms and pain in your back and pelvic area.

      She may want to just try changing her diet, which is how to treat IC (no cure). No acid- like fruit, vinegar, salad dressings, lemon, coffee and tea. No soda or caffeine. No spicy or hot foods. No artificial sweeteners or additives in prepackaged foods like nitrates or sulfates. If it relieves the pain she may want to talk to a specialist about getting the test.

      Check out

    Vaginal itching and burning but doctors say that there is no yeast or bacteria present?
    I went into the doctor over 2 months ago for this.. yes you read that right, over 2 months ago.. I have been having severe itching and some slight burning in my vaginal region. The doctors have done a few tests to see if it was a yeast infection or bacterial infection but nothing shows up present.. urine doesn't show any symptoms of an UTI, and I was tested for STD's just in case. What the heck is going on. This has been well over 2 months and frankly I'm starting to go insane!
    I haven't changed laundry soap or anything and I have been to the doctor three times about this..

    • ANSWER:
      have you look at the things. your washing yourself with. you could be allergic to any number of things that your cleansing yourself with.

    anyone had blood in the urine and in the stool and dizziness?
    Hi all,

    My boyfriend (22 years old) has been to the doctors a few times in the past couple of months. Obviously we will be going back to push for further testing etc but in the meantime I am trying to learn as much as i can so he and I know the right questions to be asking etc at the doctors office and so that we can look out for certain things etc.

    I'm obviously not looking for a diagnosis or any concrete answers etc, just hoping someone might have some information, knowledge or experiences to share?

    So I was wondering if anyone has had blood in the urine (detected by a dip sick test) it's not actually visible.. and black stools, not fresh blood, but pitch black blood that had come from higher up in the digestive tract. or either of these things??

    My boyfriend was feeling very dizzy the other evening and all through the night and the dizziness continued through the whole next day and appears to be coming and going.

    So we went to A and E where they found the blood in his urine using a dip stick.

    They said thet there were two specific things that they DIDN'T find, I think they were white blood cells lymphocytes? which would indicate infection? and nitrates? (might be using completely the wrong words here..) that would indicate bacteria was present and the stuff that would be the by products of such nasties..

    Anyway, he said that this means there is blood present but he doesn't know why and without further investifatio he cannot definitely link it to the dizziness.

    Prior to this (about a month and a half before hand) my boyfriend had a few days of black stools that was confirmed at hospital as blood in his stools coming from higher up in the digestive tract.

    I'm wondering what could be going on and whther the two can be related?

    Also when he had the black stools he was told he had microscopic amounts of blood in the urine. However the more recent dipstick (at A&E) showed much higher quantities of blood in the urine, so it would appear it is either getting worse, is chronic or it is coming and going.. or other such possibilities..)

    He has had years of mild to moderate non specific digestive complaints such as severe hunger pains, possible acid reflux?? When he had the blood int he stool they did a gasteroscopy and found no cause for the bleeding but noted inflammation in the stomach and oesophegus.. yet they discharged him without any further investigation or treatment!!??

    I'm wondering if there are any obvious conditions that would cause all these symptoms?

    We have obviously considered thing like kidney stones, sti's, UTI- he has no pain when passing urine though..

    And the more serious kidney problems, cancers etc.

    I guess I was just hoping to hear from people in a similar situation.

    Have you got any advice on things to look out for? Questions to ask at the doctors? Tests to ask for? What was your diagnosis? What tests have you had?

    The A&E doctor suggested an ultrasound, camera up the urethra, kidney biopsy, etc

    Anyone have an information, knowledge or experiences to share?

    Thanks in advance Abi !!

    • ANSWER:
      see a specialist.

    What could be the cause of my frequent urination?
    I'm a 16 year old male, and lately i have noticed i have had frequent urination. I went to the doctor, and he did a urine test and it showed no bacteria, so he said i didn't have a UTI. Usually i would urinate 3-4 times a day, but today i went 8 times. Not all times were urinating big amounts, alot of the times they were small amounts. I have no back pain, no blood in urine, no painful urination...none of the common UTI symptoms...My doctor also said he found no glucose in my urine. What could be the cause of this? could it still be diabetes even though he found none?
    I'm not drinking too much...i dont drink that much during the day...and my drinking habbits havent changed recently

    • ANSWER:
      This could be a number of issues, all of which could be investigated by a visit to the urologist. It could be overactive bladder, bladder spasms, prostate issues, urinary hesitancy, etc. Also, if you're worried about blood sugar issues (you didn't mention a family history of diabetes), but you could get a blood test called a glycosylated hemoglobin test that measures your average blood sugar over the last 3 months. Also, are you having any swelling in your feet or calves? Ask the doc if he did any tests called a BUN or creatinine, also did he test for protein in the urine? This issue needs to be taken very seriously as a change in elimination pattern (bowel or bladder) is the first sign that there is an issue with your body that needs to be addressed. Good luck to you, and be persistent. Also, didn't know if you knew this, but you can ask for copies of results of any lab work that you get done, don't leave it up to the doctor to catch something that might get missed.

    urethritis an std? am I sterile now?
    So for the last 6 months I pee every 20 min, I went to my Doc and got treated for it took antibiotics BUT she thought to believe it was a UTI, although bacteria was not in the urine but I had all the symptoms, I told her I thought it could be overactive bladder and she said no because Im too young for that IM only 21 and today she finally told me today that she and other Doctors believe its urethritis, I read online it leads to infertilitiy? is this true? Im not sure if its an STD or how I even got it, Im really struck because I really want to have kids one day and I have only had 1 sex partner :( any one have any info on this or answer my questions thanks

    best answer 10 points

    • ANSWER:
      what you are talking about is an unheard of complication. stop worrying and get on with life.

    Since UTI's and vaginal bacterial infections can be brought on by sex, can your male partner be tested...?
    I read somewhere that your sexual partner (male) can be a carrier.. that he won't have symptoms (obviously, a male couldn't have bacterial vaginosis), but can be the cause and carrier, and that he can be treated for this as well if it's discovered that he's causing such infections. Is this true? I got a UTI after my boyfriend and I had sexual intercourse about 3 1/2-4 months ago, and after a few sessions about 3-4 weeks ago, I just found out today that I have bacterial vaginosis. Shortly after our last time, I felt a bit of itching and had my gyno call in a prescription for a yeast infection because I thought that's what I had.. the itching went away though, so I never took it, but then I got the call today about this. We're both monogamous and whatnot, I have no STD's or anything of the sort, nor am I worried about that, I just want to know if he's possibly carrying around some sort of bacteria or something that could be causing these minor infections and if so, if there's a way he can be treated for it. Also, if there is a way to be treated for it, what exactly would his test consist of (urine swab, blood test, urine sample, etc.)? I just yelled at him for it, so I'm hoping I'm right lol.
    I just went to my gnyo earlier this week.. this is how I know I have bacterial vaginosis.. No STD's.. everything is normal as it always has been. & to clear some of this up, I called and had them call in a prescription for a yeast infection about 2-3 weeks back, before I even had my appt. assuming that's what it was.. I hadn't gone to the Dr's to make sure, so the case is that I probably had the BV all along, because I know some yeast infection symptoms are very similar to some of BV.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi - it makes good, sound sense that a man can keep reinfecting his sexual partner. The following is from the net:

      "Bacterial Vaginosis does affect men but not in the same way and definitely not to the same extent as women. The men's genitals do not provide the same environment, i.e. a vagina or uterus, where the infection can flourish.

      Doctor's have always questioned whether or not men should be treated when their female partner was infected. Many doctors still deny that men carry any form of the bacteria or reinfect their partner. However we do know that men and women can transfer other infections therefore we pause and ask does bacterial vaginosis affect men and perhaps that's why it reoccurs.

      Men can carry traces of these bacteria in the urethra and if dormant it can re-infect the woman. However, we cannot rely on this since there is no reliable test available to identify any traces of bacterial vaginosis in men.

      Although woman may believe men can carry this infection they simply don't display any symptoms; surely not the ones we display for Bacterial Vaginosis. Many women are too embarrassed to discuss this possibility with a boyfriend. Although not termed as an STD, it might be advisable to use a condom for a reasonable length of time until the Bacterial Vaginosis is eliminated. Many natural remedies can work fast and the infection may be corrected in a weekend.

      Sexual activity can exacerbate the infection or sensitive areas and it's widely known that male sperm, which is an alkaline, can make the Bacterial Vaginosis discharge smell stronger. It is also vital to remember that antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of some contraceptives."

      Balanitis is also a possibility with your boyfriend. It's not always obvious if a man has got it, and it is a yeast infection.

      I don't see why your boyfriend's Doctor CAN'T test him for bacterial overgrowths, for yeast infection, or even for chlamydia. If he's prepared to go and ask, then I do think it would be a good idea.

      In the meantime, even if you are on the Pill, use a condom. It will immediately improve your sexual health.

      Good luck.

    whats wrong with my vagina, when will it end?
    it all started three weeks ago in the middle of the day while i was watching tyra out of nowhere. my vagina just starting feeling different and then when i went to pee it felt like some sort of orgasim. A day went by and it was the samething. the next day another symptom was added it started to burn after i pee. i went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with uti. they gave me an antibiotic called cipro after 3 days i had no relief . i calld doctor he prescribed amoxcillin and decided to do a sensitivity test got a phone call saying amoxcillin won't work levaquin is what wll used levaquin for 6 days i was on my period so it felt kinda better but as soon as i was off i relized these annoying symptoms where still there went to the hospitol they found bacteria but more blood in urine. they said it is uti put me on intravenous antibiotics and admitted me, i spent 5 days at the hospitol still no relief. got a catscan, ultrasound and they where normal. i was released they said there is still bacteria in my urine but its not growing. i can't see any blood anymore but they say there is microscopic blood cells in it. the other night culd barely walk it was so painful and sensitive down there. visited a gyn the next day she took urine and a swab. she gave me some cream. she said my urine shows there is still a infection. i am waiting for more results.i did some reseach and figure i have a fungal candida uti infection i have all the symptoms. thats y i have no relief i have been being treated for a bacterial uti with antibiotics and that wn't kill fungi it will actually make it worse. but my doctor says no i don't hve that. I asked him to treat me for it anyway and he said the medications to treat it are very strong and dangerous with strng side effects and can cause damage ( scary) so no he won't treat me for it anyway. I read up on them and they are but i am sure thats what have at least i really think i have it . all the symptoms fit and they say it an be hard to diagnose and can get confused for a bacterial infection some bacteria can be present and most hospitol don't test for it cause its so rare. i am immunosupressd i jus had a transplant and on all these meds that do that and i am on predisone which can cause fungi growth. my symptoms are fatigue, burning and stinging after urination (during urination i am fine but when i get to the end thats when it starts), an orgasim feeling (not a good one), sensitivity down there sometimes when walking, bladder pain sometimes, fatigue, diarrhea(that could be from the antibiotics i was taking i been off them for 4 days though) . right now i am taking a pyridum to ease all this but when it wears off its back to the same torture i was feeling before. What do u think is wrong with me and can i be cured and do u think its a fungal uti. or a resistant to everything bacteria. i hope it doesn't effect my kidneys my creatnne was high when i first wnet in to the hospitol with fluid it went back down to normal. i as dehydrated most likely or the antibiotics helped something. the gyn said i have blood protein and nitrates in my urine im waiting for more test to be run and more info. i also need to see a urologist. tommorow i am goig back to the hospital just to check my creatinine. but does anybody have any answers for me please help i am exhausted and stressed over this tragic experience and torture my poor vagina is going through i been praying for it to end for god to gve me a answer. i kow its not an std becuz i m not sexually active.

    • ANSWER:
      Candida is indeed a yeast/fungal overgrowth problem and it will attack the vagina first usually. the way to fix this is to stop eating sugar and bread. vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish are the best foods to eat during a candida outbreak. main thing to remember-stay away from sugar.
      most of the time, doctors will not tell you that your problem is associated with fungus or yeast in your body because they want it to be something you have to take an antibiotic for (that's how they make their money)
      also, antibiotics actually help the growth of fungi and yeast in your body, so go to the health food store and buy yourself a Probiotic. this puts the good stuff back in your system that the antibiotics kill.

    3 month old with low grade fever & no other symptoms?
    Ok so i have an almost 3 month old baby boy (hes 3 days away from being 3 months old) so far he has had 2 UTIs one when he was 2 weeks old and one about 2 weeks ago but the one he had recently went in to his blood both the UTI's were caused by E Coli. Soo his last treatment was last last monday he checked out ok but on thursday i noticed he felt a little warmer than usual..... I took his temp n it was 99.8 i freaked and went to his pediatrician they checked his temp and they got 1 of 100.2 rectal so they checked the urine and it was clear they did a full examination and found nothing! they told me to keep a close eye on him and not to take him in until it reached 101. so all this weekend ive been watching him and we've done everything normally baths naps all of that he seems perfectly fine he plays, hes alert, hes feeding well and peeing normally he sneezes here and there and today he began to cough but very little. What could be causing this Low grade fever?? he really has no symptoms of anything im a little worried he could have another bacteria in his blood or a bacterial meningitis..... Shouldnt my dr run more tests on him??? Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?? They also told me to not give him tylenol till it reaches 101....
    also his soft spot feels sunk in i duno if that has anything to do with it

    • ANSWER:

    bladder issues... i need advice or help!?
    I think I’m more looking for answers than anything. For a year now I have been in and out of the doctor’s office and Emergency room with what they have always claimed was either a bladder infection or “womanly issues” meaning… menstrual cramps or cysts. Finally, when my general physician looked back and had realized that in the last 7 months I had been in and out of her office with “bladder infections” 17 times, she realized something more might be wrong. Every time I have had urine tests, my culture never grows any bacteria. Meaning, there’s no infection, but, there has been traces of blood every time.

    I was starting to get offended; they were testing me for every STD under the sun asking me if I had been careful every time. Why yes, to answer that question. I’m married. No children. And have been with only one other person before my husband. Pretty darn sure I don’t have an STD, thanks. I had been sent to the gynecologist probably 8 times and they called it symptoms of endometriosis. All the while I’m still having these UTI symptoms.

    Finally I got so fed up with no one telling me anything I got a second opinion and was told the same thing! I can’t possibly have THAT many bladder infections. This isn’t normal! And everyone kept telling me it would go away, but it keeps getting worse!

    I was finally referred to an urologist where I received a cystoscopy. Upon having the cystoscopy my urologist found a lump within my bladder. He had thought that it was a fistula when he originally looked at it but upon having the test to determine whether it was or not they found no evidence it was a fistula (which a bladder fistula is extremely rare and being that I do not have Crone’s disease it was even rarer). They have never biopsied the lump in my bladder and now that 3 months has passed since the initial discovery of it, my lower back has been extremely uncomfortable. It feels like a constant ache in my kidneys and lower back. Every urine test still comes back with blood, and it’s becoming really painful to urinate.

    I was recently in the emergency room with food poisoning and had a CT scan and was told that they had found a lump in my pelvic area and then didn’t say anything past that. When I called my urologist I told him about it and then another battery of tests were ordered. I still haven’t heard anything.

    My doctors don’t seem to be too worried about it, but I can’t go on like this any longer. Being in pain every day and having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes because I think I have to urinate although I know I don’t have to…. This has become so frustrating.

    Can anyone tell me anything? I just need to know that I’m not the only person who has gone through something like this (of course I know I’m not but, you know). Are there any specific tests I should request? Should I get a third opinion? Please if anyone has any advice I would be greatly appreciative.
    When I was originally sent to the urologist this was what my general physician had originally suspected to be the problem. Upon having the cystoscopy it was determined that I did not have Interstitial Cystitis because, Interstitial Cystitis creates riveting along the bladder and I did not have this. Thank you though I appreciate the input.

    • ANSWER:
      I can't relate directly to your concern, but I definitely believe going to a specialist who deals with these type conditions is the only way for you to go. It is nice to get support on a forum such as Yahoo! Answers, but don't rely heavily on mine or anyone else's inputs. Seek a specialist's advice on what is the best course of action for you. Good luck.

    Cipro for UTI. Can I stop after 4 days?
    Was given 500mg twice daily, for 5 days. What I've read about this drug is terrifying and I do not wish to continue.

    Original doctor / prescription happened in another city. Saw a walk-in doc in my town yesterday: she said there is no bacteria but some blood in the urine, 'maybe you should take it another couple of days' and waved me away.

    Original symptoms: pain in lower abdomen, urgency, burning, some pain/discomfort in lumbar back area, and visible blood in the urine (and on paper, sorry). Urgency is gone, but have a tiny bit of burning & some back pain on right side.

    Doc probably gave me Cipro because I'd been treated with Trimethoprin (fairly often :( ) in the past.

    I am stopping it now no matter what. Should I wait a few days, to see if I have symptoms? Or go to my GP tomorrow and get a culture?
    Thanks. The walk-in doc had never heard of any problems with Cipro, and acted like I was a silly hypochondriac. Am worried my GP might feel the same.

    I'm thinking I'd rather not have a 100% synthetic drug that's given for anthrax and causes tendon rupture and neurological problems (in one study, tendon rupture happened in like 9% of 3000 people. That seems like a lot!). From what I've read, it's supposed to be a drug of last resort.

    I was never told what exactly I had, e.g., whether this was a 'complicated' or 'uncomplicated' UTI, or whether it was urethra, bladder, or what. Hopefully my GP will shed some light.

    • ANSWER:
      Go see your GP. The reason they tell you to take a full course of antibiotics is so that any remaining bacteria doesn't multiply and be immune to the antibiotics and therefore harder to kill. Go see your GP so he can immediately put you on another round of antibiotics if necessary since if symptoms come back, it may be harder to handle.

    How long does it take for a UTI to become a kidney infection?
    I went to the doctors Thursday for a check up and had to pee in a cup and she called a few days later saying i had a high white blood cell count in my pee and a lot of bacteria but i had no symptoms of a urinary track infection so i have no idea how long ive had it but im not even sure if that is what it is because i never went in to redo my urine sample but now im getting pain in my back where my kidney is and im not sure why.

    • ANSWER:

    Recurring UTIs or possibly chronic bladder problem?
    About 7-8 months ago I went in to be tested for a UTI because for 2 days I was frequently urinating and it was painful. The doctor said they found traces of white blood cells in my urine and he prescribed me antibiotics. 2 days after my symptoms cleared and the doctor called my father and told him that they couldn't find any bacteria, but to keep taking the antibiotics anyway. About 3-4 months later I suspected that I had a UTI again. The symptoms had changed however from the first experience. I still urinated often but only felt pain sometimes. I just felt very uncomfortable and kind of sore in the groin/private area. I tried an at home test kit for UTIs and the results came back positive. The kit only tests for white blood cell traces which suggest a UTI (my nitrite results are always negative because I have no nitrates in my diet) but it's not a guaranteed thing so I went in again to be tested for UTI just to be sure. The results came back positive. I was prescribed some antibiotics and within 4 days everything had cleared. It's now 4 months after the second time and I've been experiencing the exact same symptoms I was before for the past 2 days. I tried the at home test kit again and the results are showing up positive. I haven't been to a clinic to be tested for a UTI yet and I haven't been tested for STDs but I'm not sexually active in any way shape or form (I've done literally nothing beyond a kiss, and I haven't even done that in months) so I'm highly doubting that an STD is the cause. And from what I'm experiencing it doesn't appear to be a yeast infection. I'm just worried that this is a serious problem and none of the doctors seem to notice it or know what it is. I'm really starting to be worried. Is it normal to get UTIs this often? And are my symptoms matching up with typical UTI symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      When you go to the doctor do they do a culture. You keep taking a home test to test for wbc's and nitrite (which are a chemical given off by the bacteria and has nothing to do with diet.) and getting positive results. You are not doing a clean catch UA and the wbc's could be a contaminate from the vagina. You may have a UTI or you may have a yeast infection. Be sure and wipe from front to back so you don't introduce bacteria into the urethra. Drink lots of water and a little cranberry juice wouldn't hurt. Good luck

    I was prescribed Cipro for a bladder infection and it did not work! Help!?
    I am a 35 yr old women with a history of occassional uti's/bladder infections (one every 2 to 3 yrs since my early 20's). I started having symptoms of what I thought was a bladder infection a week ago. I have no real burning when I urinate (which I usually do with a uti), but INTENSE urgency and frequency with no real relief after I go. Some slight pressure in lower abdomen, but not what I would call pain. This will be the third UTI I have been diagnosed with in a year and a half.
    I took Cipro for 3 days with no results. I gave my doctor a urine sample yesterday and, even though he said it showed no signs of bacteria, he prescribed me Nitrofurantoin. I have only taken two doses of this new antibiotic and know it is too early to know if it will do anything. My doctor wants me to call him if nothing improves in a couple of days.
    What else could this be and what can I do? It's SOO uncomfortable!!

    P.S. I had a bad reaction to Azo, made the burn worse, so I can't take it.

    • ANSWER:
      I know how is it, believe me! your doc should make an antibiogram to know exactly what antibiotic it's right for your infection.that means u have to have a him and ask him about that.

    How long can you live with diabetes without knowing it?
    I happened across an article today, about what our feet can tell us. One thing was that if you have stubborn sores on your feet, it could be a sign of diabetes. There's been this bump on my foot for a while now that I've mostly been ignoring because it's not bothering me, but that article made me start worrying. I looked up signs of diabetes, and I don't show a lot of them, but it's just enough that I'm slightly worried, but those symptoms have been with me a long time.

    I'm tired almost all of the time, unless I'm actively engaged in something.
    Sometimes for no reason I'll miss my period for a month or two.
    My appetite changes frequently. I can eat endlessly sometimes, and just pick at food others.

    I just had a urine sample taken for an unrelated reason, and they said I have white blood cells and bacteria in my urine. I looked up those symptoms, and found that those are signs of a UTI, not diabetes, so I was relieved. I don't want to be a hypochondriac, but just enough pieces fit to make me a little worried. Aside from the thing on my foot, those other symptoms have been with me for years though, not a sudden onset, and I don't have other major signs, like the thirst or weird breath or urine smell.

    • ANSWER:
      Type 2 can go undetected for years. Type 1 will eventually cause you to be so sick that you'd get diagnosed within a few months at most. You did not mention anything in this post that would suggest that you have diabetes. You can always ask you doctor to do an HbA1c test, it's more significant than one fasting sugar reading.

    Reoccurring UTIs are driving me insane!?
    I'm 17.. when I go to the doctor about a UTI, the first question they ask is "Are you sexually active?". I truthfully answer yes, they tell me to pee after having sex, put me on an antibiotic, and let me go. Well, I now get them CONSTANTLY. I've been on long courses of antibiotics and they still continue to come back no matter what precautions I take. I get them at least every other week. I have a preventative antibiotic I'm supposed to take, but it makes me very sick to my stomach and completely cancels out the effectiveness of my birth control. I would tell him to use a condom but guess what! That's another one of my causes. I stopped taking the antibiotic months ago because I was sick of throwing up everything I ate that day, just in the name of preventing a UTI. I've been to the highest Urology specialist at Children's Hospital, who told me the ultrasound done on my kidneys was normal, there was nothing wrong with me, and to pee after sex and wipe front to back. That didn't help ANYTHING and our medical insurance doesn't cover any further testing. Another huge problem with this is that, even if I've stopped having sex completely, the UTIs continue to come back for months. And every time I have to take a trip to the doctor, my mother grounds me from seeing my boyfriend. Even if I haven't had sex in months, she automatically assumes sex is the only cause and proceeds to give me long lectures on the car ride home. I don't think it's at all fair that every specialist/doctor I've seen just tells me the same things over and over. I've been listening to them and the UTIs haven't calmed down at all. I also don't think it's fair that I have to completely give up sex and the effectiveness of my birth control because nobody can figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

    Now, before you say anything..
    1. He's been tested. For everything. STDs and a UTI. He's clean.
    2. It takes 2+ hours for a glass of water to go through my system and make me have to pee. If I don't really have to pee after sex and force myself to, I get instant burning pain.
    3. Using extra lube makes the pain more intense when the UTI finally shows itself. Using less lube doesn't have any effect, though can sometimes make it worse.
    4. I don't care how much you want me to talk to my mother. She won't listen to me, the doctors, the specialists, or anyone. I was her third unplanned pregnancy (she was my same age) and the only one not aborted. She refuses to let up on the grounds that I'll "end up" like her.
    5. I have no STDs. I've been tested.
    6. That test where you have to pee in front of all those doctors.. I forget what it's called.... well that's not happening. If I have to pee in front of someone or even when I know someone is expecting me to, I can't relax and end up forcing it. Which would corrupt the test results and cause me constant pain. I have a friend who had that test done and it ended up causing her major complications are pain for weeks after. To be honest, I'm scared to death of it.
    7. I don't care what you have to say about my mothers abortions or my sexual activity at my age. Seriously. I DON'T CARE. Don't go shoving your opinion down my throat.
    8. I've been on every UTI antibiotic they have at least twice each. Everytime they've cultured my urine, it grew a different bacteria. (E-coli, something normally found in the vagina.. but in an enormous amount, etc.). Also, when they test my urine, they said something about a white blood cell count or something not being high enough to register as a UTI, but my extreme symptoms are what diagnose me.

    Sorry to come off rather nasty, but the internet is a cruel place.

    Basically what I'm asking is... has anyone been in this position? Can you tell me what might be wrong with me?
    Sam - I said I'm taking all the precautions they're telling me to. That includes wiping from front to back.

    • ANSWER:

      It is known that diabetes dampens your immune system, leading to constant infections like uti. Have you had your urine tested for glucose? (this is a common symptom of diabetes).

      Also there is something known as interstital cystitis, where the bladder is very sensitive to all sorts of things like certain foods and other chemicals. Here is a very good website, check it out:

      I hope this helps and that you get better soon.

    What do you think i have?
    a couple weeks ago a i started having UTI syptoms. so i went to the doctor and from the anisial look at, he said i had a UTI.
    I started on an anti-biotic and things got worse before they got better.
    I started with frequent fevers and to really bad buring sensation when i went pee.

    By the second day of my meds i was perfectly fine, but then the doctor came back with the lab results and said that he didnt think i had a UTI. That the lab test didnt grow any bacteria?!?

    the meds worked, but now im done and it seems like my symptoms are slowly coming back.

    he said that in my urine i had alot of red (blood) and white blood cells and until the lab test he thought it was a UTI.

    I dont know what it could be, or what to do next?

    its not a yeast infection, no symptoms that match that.
    It cant be an STD because i have been with one man, and we were both tested before the deed. and i have had a recent exam.

    • ANSWER:
      i recently went through the same problems, you might want to ask them a bout a kidney infection.Those are all the same symptoms i had and then they relized i had a kidney infection.It went away and came back three times before they knew.

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