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Written By: ibzzA1 - Nov• 27•11

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How will i know if i own a yeast infection?
i have white-yellow discharge and a horrible odour down below, im 15 and havent had sex nonetheless im so worried im going to see my doctor tomorrow but im scared incase she has to whip a look what will she do? im so embaressed...

How would a doctor check for a yeast infection/vaginitis or w/e?
OKay. so if I went to a doctor to check if I had some sort of infection or anything down near, how would they do it? I'm totally TOTALLY uncomfortable with have a doctor look at my crotch. I'm just thirteen. Would they HAVE to...

How would I convey If I hold a Yeast infection!!?
My underwear allway have some white stuff in it. I don't know what is that, Is that call a Yeast infectiona? Please some body help me. Before I get Yeast infection!! Thank you. Normal white discharge happens. When it is...

How would I know if I have a yeast infection?
I'm not in any pain or anything, but every once surrounded by a while I smell something that I think is coming from down there that reminds me of the yeast we use within bio class.. are there any symptoms I should look for? To start...

How would i know if i hold get a yeast infection?
bad odor.cheesy texture.discharge white colored.itchiness inside and out...get monostat Source(s): be there had that didnt be aware of good Hey I work out what you mean. Monistat didn't work for me.. my doctor prescribed me meds and it made even worst! Despite when it manage...

How would i know if it's a yeast infection?
i have a serious itch, with a white clumpy discharge, minimal to no odor.If it is a yeast infection should i travel to the doctor or to Walgreen's and get Monistat? The symptoms you are describing are that of a yeast infection. If this is...

How would u know if you hold a yeast infection?
i wanna know can be itchy,gummy discharge, fishy smell powerfully, if u have strong odor, thick yellowish discharge adjectives the time, it burns or stings when you pee, or some chalky or cottage cheese like substance is coming from down there, after you have a...

How would you know if you enjoy a yeast infection?
Well my friend called me an said she think she have a yeast infection so i want to know what are the signs The signs are itching and burning and glow of the vagina. Buy Monistat at the drugstore. Go to the website call WebMD....

Frequently Asked Questions

    I Have had bv for 2 years?
    I have had bacterial vaginosis for over 2 years. I have visited the OBGYN for the issue 11 times within the 2 years. I have taken ALL of the prescriptions and it keeps coming back. I have even tried the acidopholis supplements and the over the counter bv treatment from Walgreens without any luck. The only thing that works is the metro gel, but the bacteria returns a week or so later. I dont wear underwear at night, I eat yogurt everyday, I take 2 showers a day and I take ReFresh daily supplements. It usually comes back after I have sex. My OB said that men cant pass it to women so he has received no treatment. We stopped having sex for 2 months and the bv still came back twice, so it cant be that. I have been told that my anemia could be triggering the bv. However, I take iron supplements daily to control the anemia. I have had anemia since I was little and I didn't start getting bv until 2 years ago. Please help.. I am miserable!
    I drink lots of coffee and eat lots of candy..Not sure if that makes a difference..
    Yes i do use tampons, and i am really bad about changing to smaller tampons as my period decreases! I have also used tampons for the past 2 years to catch the nasty BV discharge.
    I will try that. Thanks so much!!

    • ANSWER:
      BV is such a miserable condition. Do you use tampons? If so, do you change down to less absorbent tampons as your flow decreases? Tampons can get very dry and leave fibres in the vagina. This may be a contibutory factor for you. I remember seeing tampons that were supposed not to shed fibres. The other alternative would be to switch to using pads. Try reducing the amount of sugar that you eat, as there may be a link with diet too.

      Good luck!

    Why am I experiencing bleeding?
    For over a year now I have been experiencing what I am 99.9% sure to be BV. I am 28 years old, have never been pregnant and have a monogomous partner. Several days ago I was excited to discover that I could purchase an over the counter homeopathic remedy at Walgreens. After the first insertion I immediatly noticed positive results. Now, 3 days into it, I have moderate bleeding. Most of the time it appears to be 'old blood' but it varies. It is early for my period and I have had no other menstrual symptoms. I did however have a wisdom tooth removed yesterday and have been on antibiotics for several days as well as prescribed pain pills (ibuprofin and a generic narcotic). Should I be worried about this even though I am experiencing otherwise positive results? Could this be the infection clearing out of my system? If anyone has tried this treatment before or had a similar experience any insight would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      This is exciting news to find that there is finally something over the counter to treat BV!.

      I have had Bv at different times in my life and have had to use Metro Gel (prescription) which is a gel you insert into your vagina for 5 days.
      I noticed with the Metro Gel - I would get the sy mptoms you are having (bleeding that appears to be old blood.)
      When I researched this, I found that other women would experience this same type of 'old blood" discharge.

      The package insert never mentioned about this side effect or the gyno never mentioned it, but I continued to use the medication and it did finally clear up the BV.
      Maybe this otc medicine causes a similar side effect.
      (I am just speculating )
      BV has a nasty way or reocccuring -
      But, before I would try the otc, I would want to be sure that I was treating the infection with the proper treatment.
      Were you ever diagnosed with BV?
      There is . sometimes a 'fishy' type odor and minor itching and the odor is strongest after intercourse.
      So, to tell you to continue with the medicine is something you will have to decide.
      But I had similar symptoms with the prescription medication and it did clear up the infection.
      I wish you well.


      I did some research on this product and found that the reviews were pretty good and that some women experienced the 'old blood ' brownish type discharge and just used a panty liner.
      But overall, the reviews were positive.

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